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How long will it take to complete Welsh language tree?

How long it may take to complete the Welsh language tree ?

I did almost 3 basic language items today ( 100 points ). How long may it take if we learn at this pace?

February 4, 2016



On the first day I started learning Welsh I counted the lessons - there are 309. So if you do every day 100 points (10 lessons), and make no repetition (strengthen skills) it will take 31 days.


I don't think we can ever predict how long you will take to finish the course. Some items have more lessons (I've seen items with up to 10 lessons, whereas others have only 3), so it's relative.

The only way to know how long it will take is to try to complete it yourself (but bear in mind that the Welsh course is still in beta).


It depends partly on how much repetition you need in order to cement the words and grammar in your memory.

If you just blast through, doing every lesson only once, things may start getting tough towards the end as you have forgotten much of the early vocabulary but the later lessons assume that you know everything you have learned so far.

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