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Suggestion: Reinforcing the different forms of verbs.

I've been using Duolingo to learn some French for the past month or so and have been enjoying it so far. One of the difficulties I've been having is selecting the right form of a verb to agree with the subject (I imagine this would be the same for the other languages). The questions have introduced different forms of verbs along the way but it can be hard to figure out (remember) which form to use. Sometimes it feels like a lottery. It would be useful to be able to reinforce the different forms in the same question. E.g.,

Insert the correct word for "eat": Je ??? du pain. Vous ??? du pain. Nous ??? du pain. Ils ??? du pain.

This way, it's easier to see the different forms side-by-side and in context. This could be extended to other parts of speech.

4 years ago



I write down the conjugations in a notebook, so I can refer to it.
The act of writing it down also helps me to memorize the different forms.
I also write down all the vocabulary and am currently in the process of organizing everything into 'Parts of Speech' sections.

Try writing everything down (pen and paper, not typed on computer Notepad) and see if it doesn't help with your memorization (Really, there is no way I would be successful at this course without doing it, myself!).   :-)

4 years ago


Great suggestion, this would be helpful. Having a confident knowledge of verb conjugations is essential in learning a new language :)

4 years ago


The crazy suggestions guy gives you his support.

4 years ago