"¿Quieres salir conmigo?"

Translation:Do you want to go out with me?

December 23, 2013

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    I was just told by native spanish teacher that this has two meanings. This sentence is used mostly for asking if somebody wants to start dating with someone, rather than going out. If you're going out with a friend you should ask "Quieres quedar conmigo?", at least in Spanish Spanish.


    Spaniard Spanish. But in Latin Spanish we say the "Quieres salir a algún lado" or "Quieres ir a algún lugar" instead of "Quieres quedar conmigo".


    So these idioms are more used for friends. Right?


    Defends on how friendly you are


    No, some of these idioms should NOT be used for friends. ;)


    Nice similarity with English, same two meanings with the idiomatic meaning of dating being the more common use, at least in my experience. Thanks, it's good to know.


    Thank you, i think you just saved me from something really embarassing! X

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      Yeah, you are right! I know this


      Do Spanish speakers use the phrase "go out with me" to mean "be my boyfriend/girlfriend/go on a fate with me"? It sounds to me like this is more a direct translation and not a true translation of meaning.


      From a quick web search, it does seem to be used like this, but I can't say 100%. Also "go on a fate" sounds a little dramatic ;-)


      Lmao lets go out on a fate


      When fates meet...


      Yeah , kind of , go on a date , not be my girlfriend /boyfriend , that is "quieres ser mi novio/a)


      "salir con (alguien)" means to be girlfriend/boyfriend, but in a lesser degree than being "novios".

      The scale is: - Amigos con ventaja (friends with benefits) - Saliendo (lovers/boyfriends) - Novios (boyfriends) - Comprometidos (engaged) - Casados (married)


      We definitely say it the same way in English, but it sounds a bit juvenile. I think of junior high school.


      Hey guys, could you help me? I'm doing Duolingo English to Spanish, but actually I am brazilian (my native language is Portuguese) and I'm still learning English. Could I say "do you want to hang out with me" instead of "go out"? Is there any substantive difference of meaning between these two phrases? I used " hang out" and Duo had it as wrong. *Sorry for bad English.


      I agree with Funstondog, "salir" would imply more the sense of dating someone, in which case you could not use "hang out". "Go out" would be more appropriate in this case.

      As a side note your English is pretty good in the post that you made. Very impressive in my opinion! Keep up the good work!


      For alessandrosblg: 'Hang out' is more typically used for friends (i.e. 'let's get some coffee and hang out') and 'Go out' would typically imply a date. However, i think both are appropriate and perhaps one is less confrontational and perhaps more deliberative.


      "hang out" actually means spend time with me, you could even hang out at home; so it is not the same as "go out" although you could go somewhere to hang out with someone.


      Bro how to people like you say "I have bad English" when you typing perfect English.


      "Hang out" usually refers to friends just spending time together, so it generally wouldn't be used in reference to going on a date with someone.


      No you're english is really good! Yes you can use hang out, but you wouldn't say that if it was supposed to be asking someone on a date. It's normally only used in a friendship way X

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        It's really a question of how clearly you would like to communicate your intention. "Want to hang out? " is an invitation to friendship or maybe more: ambiguous. "Do you want to go out?" is still ambiguous but leaning toward the dating arena. Could be a one-time ask, could be asking for an ongoing relationship. Needs clarification if you want to expose your intent. "Do you want to go out with me?" is definitely in the dating arena. "Would you like to go on a date with me?" Absolutely no question of your intention.


        Your English is amazing! Yes you can say hang out, but it may make a girl/boy go crazy wondering if you mean hang out as friends, or as a couple


        Bro, if I could speak your language as well as you just wrote mine, I would be happy. Very impressive.


        It sounds like you are doing a great job learning English.

        In my experience, people have asked to "hang", which is a casual way to get to know someone. To set up actually asking someone "will you go out with me?"

        It is also important to note, you should ask " will you go out with me on Saturday" for example to set a time and place for a first date. Which is different than asking "will you go out with me?" As this could be interpreted as asking someone to be your significant other.


        I felt the upcomming need to admire you and also the earge to compliment you! You said in your post that you are still learning English but not the time it took for you to get to the level where you are 'till today'. It was reading the end, and you where sorry for bad English, that I made me read again, not being able to find a bad scentence or unclear scentence. So dont be so fast to say sorry for your English!!! I think it it is really good. I wish my Spanish was as good as your English


        What's wrong with "Do you want to go with me?"


        Do you want to go with me = Quieres ir conmigo


        I peeked and wrote "con mi" and got it wrong, how come it is "conmigo"?


        I don't understand why it's done, all I know is that "with me"="conmigo", not con mí, and "with you"="contigo". I don't understand why it's like that, it's just something you have to learn and remember.

        All the others are "normal" though: con él/ella/usted/nosotros/ellos/ellas/ustedes. http://spanish.about.com/od/pronouns/a/prepositional_object_pronouns.htm


        'Con mi' sounds like 'with my' if you were to translated literally. Conmigo was already created specifically for this purpose, as with the alternative 'contigo' meaning, 'with you'.


        why does "will you go out with me" not work


        Because you forgot to translate "querer" - to want to.

        "Will you go out with me" would be something like "Sales conmigo?"


        What about "Please go out with me"?


        Now you are no longer asking if the other person wants to go out and just politely requesting. I don't care if you want to or not, just do it for me, please! There is another way to say this in Spanish:
        "Por favor, salga conmigo" This is in the imperative mood or the subjunctive mood which gives more the flavor of "Please, I want you to go out with me." in English we would not use the subjunctive mood, but I agree that in Spanish the subjunctive mood is used very often. In English if we want people to know how we feel about it, we can't just use a subjunctive mood form, we will actually have to say what we are feeling: "I want you to go out with me, do you want to?". However this is different, because this question is not about what I want but about what the person I am asking wants to do. "Do you want to go out with me?" Just because I asked you, you should have a clue that I want to go out with you also, but we just don't necessarily tell you that.


        I think your idea is good but it should really be Will you "PLEASE" go out with me


        Looks like the same but it's sounding funny saying that way.


        What if i wanted to say "do you want to go on a date with me" would it stay the same


        Ask me ill let you know if its the same or not


        "Take her out" has three meanings. Out to dinner With a sniper Or out on a date. Or, if you are a praying mantis, all three!


        With praying mantises, it would be take him out.


        umm, i dont wanna date a robot


        First Duo has me Transalating the "i like you" pickup line then this


        What about, "quieres salir con me?"


        I said do you want to date me, and it was wrong. I mean, yeah thats kind of a weird way to flirt but... "en tu casa o la mia" has to have it beat


        When do we place in the upside down question marks in the beginning of the sentence?


        The answer is : All the time. This is how questions in Spanish are formed. You have to place an upside down question mark at the beginning and a normal one at the end.


        Doesn't "quieres" need an accent on the "e" if it's a question...?


        I translated this as "Do you want to leave with me?", and it accepted


        This literally translates to "Do you want to leave with me?" Isnt there an easier way to ask someone out?


        Tip : we need u to speak slower & announcate the words please sometimes when saying a whole sentence it sounds like u r saying one long word not 3 or 4 or 5 words thank u


        If you tap on salir she says "sa-leesh". Why??


        if we wanted to say "would you go out with me", would it be in Spanish "saldrías conmigo"?


        The Spanish sure like to compress words into one!


        Can you also say "Te gustaría salir conmigo?"


        Why can't I just translate it to "Wanna go out with me?"


        they gave me it 2 times


        The female pronounces salir "saliche" if you mouse over, is that correct?


        I thought this was going to be flirting not asking someone out. :T


        Does this also translate to 'Do you want to leave with me?' ?


        It says I got it wrong, but it says the correct answer is the same thing I put in.


        In English when we say go out with it definitely means be my girlfriend/boyfriend. Does this phrase have another meaning in Spanish?


        Does this phrase have another meaning in Spanish?

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          What is wrong with sentence.


          My answer is 100% right ..but still gave me wrong ?


          3 words for Spanish, but 8 words for English! Crazy


          What the hell you are a program why would i go out with you


          I don't understand these sentence


          I thought I was right going on information given


          Im confused here i typed the same answer and i got it wrong


          Shouldnt it be conmigos con beneficios for saying friends with benifits? Im new to this and still trying to understand. When i looked up conmigos con ventaja it says friends with advantage.... doesnt sound right to this white boy


          I guess this means the rest of yous bought the flirting thing too?


          Wish they worked on this more. its more like reorganizing the sentnce


          I put the exact answer it was lookg for but got it weing anyway.

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