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"Le déjeuner"


January 15, 2013



Although "breakfast" is a suggestet translation, you loose a heart wehen you translate déjeuner that way...(I think the correct translation would be petit déjeuner)


Yes, on the French territory, meals are :

  • breakfast : petit déjeuner
  • lunch : déjeuner
  • after school snack : goûter (kids)
  • dinner : dîner (@8:00pm)
  • supper : souper (later at night).

Please note that verb "déjeuner" can be used for breakfast and for lunch, but verb "petit déjeuner" is incorrect as a verb.


Culturally, do the French then place the most importance on the meal at the middle of the day and temporally flank "déjeuner" with lighter meals?


In Quebec déjeuner means breakfast, dînner means lunch and supper means dinner (evening meal). Im not sure if duolingo accepts Quebec french as an answer though.


I tend to think that their reference is the Franco-French language, that is why I specified it was on the French territory.


Given the French flag that appears when you pick French, I would say it is a safer bet to go with français French instead of quèbecois French.


Duolingo rarely accepts any Quebec dialects as correct answers, perpetuating the myth of metropolitan French as the "standard". The audio is also basically "news French" from France (as opposed to "news French" from Quebec, which would use the dialect found in Quebec City).


I believe it's dîner for lunch and souper for dinner. (Just correcting spelling. But yet, no one here uses déjeuner for lunch.


And where I live in the UK it's breakfast, dinner, tea. Which is annoying since it doesn't accept dinner.


There's much discussion on the difference between France and Quebec but I'm from Ontario, Canada and this is what we were taught in school (French Catholic not French immersion). (I haven't mastered the keyboard accents so please excuse me)

  • Dejeuner - breakfast - in the morning
  • Diner - lunch - around 12 p.m.
  • Gouter - snack - anytime but more likely during the afternoon
  • Souper - supper - around 5 p.m.


It would appear that Duo Lingo does not accept Québecois french :(

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