"Wyjaśnili mi dlaczego nie piją alkoholu."

Translation:They have explained to me why they do not drink alcohol.

February 4, 2016

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There should be a comma before dlaczego.

If you're reading this comment and are able to report it, please do.


Either I am the first after two years, or this was not deemed important enough...anyway, reported :)


Just had the same problem. I wrote "they explained to me why they do not drink alcohol" but duolingo corrected me and said it should be written "they explained to my why they do not drink alcohol."


Found the typo and corrected it. Thanks!


why isn't "they explained to me why they didn't drink alcohol" correct? it would translate the same way into Polish if it was a story in the Past Tense, wouldn't it?


I'm not sure if "They explained to me that they do not drink alcohol" really works as a translation. This construction with past tense in the first and present tense in the second clause says something about a general habit. Wouldn't that require 'pijać' instead of 'pić' in Polish?


Frequentative forms like pijać or jadać are rarely mandatory in Polish. You'd rather hear pić in those contexts as well.


Good to know, thank you!

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