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  5. "Jak żyjesz?"

"Jak żyjesz?"

Translation:How are you?

February 4, 2016



i would think "how's life?" would be an accurate translation but it wasn't accepted unfortunately.


Makes sense to me, added.


It's a colloquialism and should be in its own category so as to not confuse


I believe "how is it going" should be a valid answer


This means more "How do you [actually] live?" and is not a greeting. You would never really say "Ćzesć, Jak żyjesz?". The translation could be improved.


So would you only use this to actually ask about a location someone lives??? Or how they live/get by in day to day life?


I disagree with MichAdam and I'm very surprised by his comment.

Although it could mean something about the place where you live (not its location though), it's in fact used almost exclusively for "How are you", "How's it going". In my opinion, at least.


If that is, it should be in the greeting section. I hope that we should be introduced earlier.


dzięki! :) May I ask then how it compares to terms like "co tam," "co słuchać," i "jak się masz?"

My understanding is that "co tam" - is like "what's up/there" - a kind of slang?

While "co słuchać," - is like what are you what's up/what are you hearing these days? If that makes any sense in english. :)

But I'm not sure about the last phrase. It was the first way I learned to say "how are you" - but I've since learned it may not a really typical way of saying it??


I have a problem with the word "slang", because to me "slang" sounds like "something that my grandma wouldn't even understand". They are all a bit colloquial, maybe 'co tam' the most, but in a friendly environment of equals, I don't see a problem with using any of them, no matter the age of people speaking.

  • "Co tam?" does translate well as "What's up", true.

  • "Co słychać" - "What can be heard" - "What have you been up to lately?"

It's not from "słuchać" = "listen", nor from "słyszeć" = "hear", it's a separate verb for "can be heard". "Słychać jakiś hałas" = "Some noise can be heard".

  • "Jak się masz" - "How are you" seems a good translation to me.

From "jak się masz" there is a word derived: "siema", as a more colloquial (than those above, at least) way to say "hi". Probably rather for younger people.

A typical way of saying... maybe "co u ciebie" ("what's up at you/your life")? They all seem okay to me. It's hard to assess their usage in real life and real language, but at least in theory, they all seem okay.


I said 'how are you doing' and got slapped. I thought about literally translating it just to get the point


Getting slapped is a weird expression for this

I love it


i don't agreed with this sentence .It's better to say "jak sie masz? "it's much more polish . If i traduce this sentence " jak zyjesz " by "how do you live ? It doesnt sound well . Jak sie masz ?or jak sie pan ,pani ma . What do you thinkabout it . I went to poland this year and i din't ear in the strees people saying "jak zyjesz ?


Yes, „jak się masz?” is much more popular, but „jak żyjesz” is also a valid choice. Maybe not for an opener but sometimes we really want to know someone's condition, well-being etc. „Jak żyjesz?”, „Jak ci się (tam) żyje/mieszka” is used for this purpose.


To ask of someone's wellbeing in English, I would say "How are you keeping?" or "How is life treating you?"


How would you answer this question? Would it be the same response as jak sie masz?


what's the different between "żyjesz" and "mieszkasz"


żyć = to be alive

mieszkać = to inhabit


Just to clarify, 'mieszkam' would be used if you were saying where you live and 'żyję' would be used if you were saying how you are doing?


"mieszkać" is to live in some location, "żyć" is to be alive, and this one works like "How's life?"

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