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New course request: Arabic

I am very interested in learning Arabic. The language is eloquent and the words have beautiful sounds (at least that's what I think!). Would it be possible to integrate this into the Duolingo program?

December 23, 2013

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i'm a bilingual and i sent a request to help building the arabic course but got no answer yet :(


Have you received an answer yet? I hope so. Please let us know! :)


nope, unfortunately not


Same thing happened with me. I don't know if they thought that I'm unqualified or they never saw it.


I guess they are not interested in launching an Arabic path for now


I read that they're finishing the Arabic to English course first, maybe if you offer to help finish that one they can start on the English to Arabic course?


That's really unfortunate. While some of the languages we can access are cool, it seems like most of them are not the kinds of languages that are in demand for jobs and things. Like Chinese or Arabic. It can't be for lack of speakers, can it?


I ve been carrying my own investigation on the topic of arabic. Did not learn as much i wish i had. I ll simple go for "english for arabic speakers" :/


Can you try again?


I wonder why that would happen. I'm using other sources to learn Arabic, and Duolingo would've given me a boost on Arabic.

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G'day Kitten ! Can you share with us the our sources you are using to learn Arabic.
Also - you can learn using the reverse tree. It is a little different - but it does work.


I learn by reading Arabic books, as I learned how to read Arabic when I was 4. If you would like some websites, I would use Memrise and/or Busuu. (http://www.memrise.com/courses/english/?q=Arabic) (https://www.busuu.com/enc/) I'll try learning with the reverse tree as well. :)

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OK - I will fess up in public - It was I who gave you the 10 lingots.


Who gave me lingots?


Reversing the tree doesn't help in "listening" nor "speaking". And also Arabic has some grammar that one never can learn by reversing the tree.


You can use google's TTS to speak the exercises out loud. There are chrome plugins that go right into this, I'd imagine it wouldn't be that hard...and even if they don't work, just keep google translate open in another window and you can paste the text in and tab over.

The speaking won't be there, but you can just turn off the microphone exercises--I do find the speaking exercises fun but I think the voice recognition is limited and you're probably better off just listening closely (I found once I listened close enough I was able to tell whether I was pronouncing things correctly better than the computer could--it makes tons of mistakes even with languages like Spanish that have very regular pronunciation.)


! السلام عليكم I really would recommend for serious Arabic learning the free so-called "Madina Books": http://www.lqtoronto.com/madinaarabic.html There is free materials (also audio) available. Just one thing: Before one begins with that great books, he has to get familiar with the Arabic script and able to at least read it :) . But I think, by writing "Arabic script" or "Arabic script learn" on Gogle, one should find a great deal of options to get quickly familiar with the Arabic script. Then, by beginning with the Madina Books, one quickly betters his knowledge of script and rapidly dives into the language. There's also English language keys and vocab lists. Have fun with it انشالله! :)


I tried and it works.


you give me hope to learn Korean from the reverse tree :) thx


I would say as a very new beginner to Arabic, one cannot use the reverse tree as one cannot read the Arabic script. I just tried, and failed. :)

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I agree with you - that it is hard - but that I disagree with you - for I find it useful ( though of course NOT ideal ). It is though a resouce. And you need to use extra resources to get you through. It is enormously slow going. But it is possible - is my belief - and I am beginning to do this myself. Hopefully I may write up a blog on this soon. ( Just another of my many dreams ).

I do it by using spread sheets, and referring to information I build up in the spreadsheets - to create a 'ladder' of support to assist me. And also relying on translators such as Google and Reverso.
Does anyone recommend any other translators that are useful between English and Arabic, ( and also French ideally ).

Does anyone have suggestions of other internet resources on the internet that they have found useful to get up to speed on the Arabic script especially ?

I would really appreciate some suggestions.


@lindakanga Do you translate everything as you go through? In such case it may in fact be possible.


I just discovered that not just the MSA is used in that course, even Arabic dialects are used. that means you're not going to learn English from standard Arabic but a mix of standard Arabic and other Arabic dialects :(


Leyali, I'm a native arabic speaker. MSA is what everyone in Arabic countries learns in schools. It's also the form of Arabic that you find in newspapers/books and many TV shows. So everyone who went to school should be able to understand MSA arabic and answer with it, even if they seldom use it in their everyday lives.


Maybe it is weird to talk in MSA but not being able to communicate!!! everything around us is MSA school, books,news, and translations, even cartoons for children is in MSA, like i told you the only way you can find someone can't communicate is to be Illiterate maybe, i actually don't understand how people can't communicate!!! my younger 15 year old sister would be able to, maybe the problem is about the high numbers of illiteracy in some Arabic country like my country Egypt but for you to know more than 80% of my discussions on the internet is in MSA and when someone has a dialect that i don't understand very well i ask him to speak MSA but know one really asked me to do so because Egyptian dialect is widely spread it is easy and funny, our movies also have done a big part but believe me you wont need to learn any dialects just to communicate u may need it if you are going to live in Arabic country for sometime if u want to know the culture or fully understand songs and movies that is not in MSA and actually i don't understand how can they teach dialects i never though of it as some thing to teach or learn, MSA should be the first option for any Arabic learner


MSA was a waste of my time. No one speaks like that. The best thing I ever did was decide on a dialect.


You should find a way to learn MSA because that is the only way you can communicate with all Arabic native speakers but if you learn a dialect you will limit yourself, as a native Arabic speaker i would say that learning a dialect is pointless for an Arabic learner, there is a lot of reasons why you should learn classical Arabic believe me you will be able to communicate with most of people because they will fully understand you and you can ask them to speak in MSA they should be able to do it if they have gone to school


I don't find it true at all. I did learn MSA at university and could not speak to normal people whatsoever. I learned Levantine Arabic and could speak to people. It is widely understood. The only place that it doesn't work is Egypt, so hey, get a passing knowledge of Egyptian too and you are fine.

[deactivated user]

    I think that's for the better - MSA is for TV and books, but a dialect needs to be used in conversation. Both forms need to be taught to have a comprehensive course.




    The reverse tree is the course for native speakers of the language that you want to learn, to learn the language that you already speak.

    So "Learn English for Arabic speakers".


    i can help you to learn arabic


    Hi HouYadda, just got into this discussion and I was wondering if there has been any update on the Arabic for English speakers since a year ago? Have you started working on the course already? Thx


    Where do you send a request? Maybe we can all pitch in & send one! :]


    In the incubator of duolingo


    I am Arab (from Lebanon) and let me tell you something: Arabic is a beautiful language,but it's a tough one too! it is really hard for native English speakers because it has some hard pronounciations, and the grammar is very detailed and needs a lot of concentration... however, I think they should integrate Arabic into the Duolingo program, but they should be really careful with the grammar, as well as they should figure out how they can teach the learners the pronounciations, especially the hard ones!


    I'm Arab too( from Yemen), and you're right in everything you said. However, if someone really wants to learn anything, no matter how hard it is, they can learn it!


    I've been to Lebanon and it's a very beautiful country! (I'm 50% Lebanese) I would love to learn Arabic and finally be able to communicate with my family.


    really? nice!)) and what do you mean by "50% lebanese"?


    My dad is full Lebanese, and my mom is full Polish, so that makes me half Polish and half Lebanese. Hence 50%.


    That's awesome! My two boys are 50% Egyptian (me) 50% Polish (my wife). Imagine blonde hair, blue eyes, AND that Egyptian summer tan.


    Do they happen to be college age like me? Teeheehee :p


    Dang hahaha. I am 50% Algerian 50% American. I rate the combo a 7/10 hahah it makes for some funny dinners.


    Do you have a tip where to learn your writing? Honestly, I know nothing about the structure of Arabic language, so Im just asking. Is it just same letter and different writing system like e.g. azbuka, or is it more complex like e.g. chinese? Im sorry if it sounds dumb.


    I can read Arabic! I know all tge letters and all the pronunciations, but my vocabulary is very limited at the moment :) Heres my advice: Learn all the letters in order and then recognise them alone and memorise them. Arabic is writen from right to left so the next step is to look at a word and recognise the letters in their start, middle and end position.

    Here is an example: This letter is called Meem م (m sound), and this is called Lam ل ( L sound ) Remember to look at this from right to left! I will only use these two letters and the words I create are not actual words :) just examples so you can understand my simple method/framework for letter recognition. MEEM: •Free-standing - م At the START of a word - مل (See how the letter changed when I added it to another letter! Thats the MEEM in it's initial position. Its little tail tucked up and attached to the nxt letter) •In the middle of a word - لمل (Lam, meem, lam - once again its tail is tucked away) •At the end of a word - لم (Its tail has reappeared being on the end of this word)

    That is a small example of one of the most simple and easy to pronounce letters. Some letters look completely different in their initial, middle and final positions.

    Another thing to learn is the sound the letter makes, that is shown through these vocalisations that sit on top or underneath letters! Unfortunately my phone keyboard doesn't have these little symbols.

    Google the letters and learn them and then research the vocalisation symbols called: kasra, damma, fatha (there are many more but start with those)

    Anyway! Getting carried away! Arabic is AMAZING, I would 100% recommend learning it. There are short courses to learn it everywhere c:


    Hello, for learning to read and write Arabic really well, I would recommend this nice book: "Learn to Read Arabic" by Judith Meyer ... It really helped me a lot and was great fun :) .


    Arab here too. It's true that it's a tough language, but nothing is impossible. I agree with you on the grammar part. Also the spelling could be really hard to learn.

    However, in everyday spoken arabic the grammar is not that hard. But that's another thing to keep in mind - every arab country has its own accent. We still understand each other, but some words aren't the same and it does sound pretty different. No one actually speaks the written type of arabic on a daily basis, only when you're required to be formal or if you're writing/reading. That's another thing that might be frustrating when learning arabic.


    I completely agree with you about some of the pronunciations (personally I struggle with ط ظ ض د ذ). But through practice of pronunciation that can easily be helped. The most difficult part about learning Arabic as a native English speaker is having to learn grammar of another language when many of the same aspects aren't even taught in the States. I have always excelled in writing and grammar, but it was through blissful ignorance. I was taken aback when my ustatha said that even in English, we utilize the same tenses/concepts (simple present, perfect, imperfect, etc). So I basically had to relearn English grammar and the correct terms for everything in order to hope to understand the Arabic tenses, moods, and case markings. But there is hope! I've found Arabic grammar to be fairly similar to English in some regards, and other aspects are similar to Spanish or are easy to grasp (idafa in particular).


    hey! if i have the option on a different website (until duolingo starts teaching Arabic), and i want to communicate with my best friend's family (they are Lebanese and Palestinian), which dialect should i learn? please and thanks! (options available: Chadian, Jordanian, Mauritanian, Moroccan, or Tunisian)


    Jordanian is nearest to Palestinian and Lebanese than others.


    What site did you find these options? I am interested inlearning Moroccan Arabic as I may go there next year for vacation.


    you would need to learn Levantine arabic... or even more specifically Lebanese Arabic


    Lebanese are not Arabs... our blood line is Phoenician, not Bedouin. Lebanese also use a different "levantine" arabic. This offshoot of the language will be more popular


    Phoenician may have been the root, but may not be what blooms. As the relative proportion of the various sects is politically sensitive, Lebanon has not collected official census data on ethnic background since the 1932 under the French Mandate. It's difficult to have an exact demographic analysis of Lebanese people.


    Nah, that would also make Palestinians and Syrians "not Arab". Lebanese speak arabic and thus are Arabs just as Somalis and Mauritanians speak arabic and are thus Arab despite being black Africans. Arabic is not strictly an ethnic group. It is a language group that transcends ethnic, religious, and arguably cultural bounds. But I agree, levantine arabic would be the most appealing and easy to learn accent as Egyptian and Gulf Arabic would be difficult to introduce to those just learning the language. Levantine is much lighter and not as throaty as the other forms, plus levantine incorporates lebanese, syrians, palestinians, and jordanians to an extent all of whom are much more populous out side of the middle east than egyptians or khaligis which would facilitate those learning the language to begin conversations with those close to their homes.


    you do realise you just said a person is Arabic if he speaks Arabic? Call a Ukranian who speaks Russian a Russian to his face :D We'll see what happens then


    Find someone bilingual and send them to http://incubator.duolingo.com/ .


    Sings "Tuuuummmblllrrrr" :D


    PS I almost forgot! Not that long ago a user posted a link to the Peace Corps language courses. There are three dialects of Arabic available there if you would like to get a head start. I am almost certain that Arabic is on it's way to Duolingo. But, that doesn't mean that you can't utilize more than one source along the way to fluency ^_^ Just, don't forget about us :) http://www.livelingua.com/peace-corps-language-courses.php



    last week provided excellent links for arabic links


    do you remember where they are?


    Great! Thanks for sharing.


    What do you mean by this comment?


    I would LOVE to learn arabic. I think it is VITAL for promoting peace and world change!! We must break the barriers of stereotypes and hate by using language :)


    YES WE CAN! I am so frustrated that there is no possibility for English speakers to learn Arabic in Dulingo

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    My dearest and most inspiring Orita, Please Help us to create this, and May I help you to create. It is you - and your passion - and your skills - and your compassion and kindness. It is YOU that creates the difference. And it is I hope to help - to whom I hope I can help you. Here - right here and right now - we have the method - the printing press - and the contact to those of our audience. Can you help me ? Can I help you ? "YES WE CAN !" : ( orita4)

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    To give you an idea of a small amount of what we can do .. Please check out the "ideas of linking" in this loom ... here
    This is just a concept. And I need people to make references - that extends beyond the backbone of duolingo, and feeds back into it, and out of it.
    I am sure there are more than you who could help.
    And my debt is to those who take on this challenge.
    To you - those who take this challenge - You ARE changing for the better the potential of our world - your world !


    Thank you for all your efforts. It is encouraging to see what you are doing. We have AMAL!

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    Does that mean we have an accord ?
    Can I help you,
    And you help us ?
    And you may choose to become a contributor
    - beyond a small sum of us ?
    To support and develop -
    to provide assistance to others ?
    And within - this simple structure -
    ( yet complex community )
    that give you the ability to touch ...
    the giving of knowledge ...
    For anyone to access ?

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    I agree. Well said.


    Arabic is sadly ignored last years and I find it unfair, since learning arabic contributes to a peacful world.


    Arabic seems to pose many unique challenges to learners in this format. First and foremost, the Arabic language is a Semitic language not related to Persian/Farsi/Dari, Urdu, or Kurdish even though they all - to some extent - share an alphabet and some vocabulary. The morphosyntactic structure of Arabic is the primary challenge, as it doesn't lend itself easily to being understood in terms of affixes or unique endings as in many Indo-European languages. It is a root-and-pattern based language where the underlying semantic bases undergo systematic internal transformation to arrive at a particular meaning.

    Secondly, the situation of diglossia between Modern Standard Arabic and the many dialects. MSA, or الفصحى is not spoken by anyone as a conversational first language, and by very few as a conversational second language. A Duolingo course generally focuses on communicative competence, something that MSA is not really going to provide in a situation trying to communicate with native speakers.

    As well, the concepts of case and tense are fairly transparent in Arabic, but the (numerous!) derived noun forms and verbal patterns are fairly complex and I wouldn't think they would be easy to pick up through Duolingo's format of learning by example rather than explicit grammatical instruction.

    The dialects are widely spoken, but also widely varying in syntax, vocabulary and idiom. In the U.S. at least, Egyptian and Levantine are the most popular to study, but unlike MSA, no standard exists for representing the sounds except perhaps "chat room" or "text message" Arabic which seems fairly universal. Several published texts have attempted to represent dialect in the Arabic alphabet, but this only approximates actual pronunciation as the six vowels (three short, three long) aren't sufficient to describe the phonology of the language as it is actually spoken.

    To construct a tree aimed at general communicative competence, one would have to either choose a dialect and adhere to it throughout, or perhaps include several sections like "idiomatic expressions" that were particular to certain regions. It would probably also be of benefit to highlight the root-pattern structure throughout (maybe with pop-ups?) just so the learner gets used to seeing it. I forsee the need for a number of creative solutions to these challenges, but it seems possible. As a linguist and a student of Arabic, I would love to see Arabic come to Duolingo.


    Some good points made here. If an Arabic course comes to Duolingo, I can only see it being MSA. I wasn't entirely sure but I believe your post confirms that there is no standard written form for any of the dialects. I don't like the idea of doing a course where you have to write in chat forum Arabic with all the 3s and stuff.


    I think the Egyptian Dialect would be great because most people understand that dialect, there are lots of tv shows in that dialect you can use to practice and I feel that once you've got one dialect down, it's easy to pick up the others, plus it's their flag being used anyway lmao.


    I am an Arabic teacher and would love to help make this happen


    Then you should sign up if you haven't done so already :)


    this would be awesome, duolingo would be perfect for learning fusha as the speaking element is fairly unimportant.


    As revdolphin said. If you know any bilingual, ask them to create it. Courses aren't created anymore by the staff. Now they are created by the users.


    It's not a lack of incubators, I applied more than 4 times and I still got no answer. I don't know what's missing to start the course, but I can assure you it's not the course creators.


    More than one billion people in the world can speak Arabic. I request that please add this FANTASTIC language to Doulingo. THANKS


    08/11/2017(°): The course entered the incubator => https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/ar/en/status

    (°) 08/Nov/2017, if someone has a doubt in the future.


    I'm new, and to be honest, I ... was kinda disappointed not to find Arabic in the courses but they were so many other languages so I picked Spanish and I'm pretty satisfied! But it doesn't mean, that I no longer want to learn it, I would LOVE to cuz it sounds so beautiful when you listen! So i request, plz add Arabic :)


    Literally the exact same thing happened to me. I was so eager to learn Arabic and I'd heard loads of good stuff about Duolingo but was disappointed to find no sign of an Arabic course. So I too went for Spanish then. BUT YES I STILL WANT TO LEARN ARABIC.


    Dear DuoLingoists,

    If you're interested in learning Arabic (Modern Standard/Fous7a and some of the dialects) the best online program, that I've used for the past 5 years has been on www.arabicpod.net/, for beginners you can use the basic subscription or log in which is free. I've been a subscriber since they started and found the premium version totally worth it . There is a podcast too! They have several tools to learn the alphabet which isn't that hard, but the pronunciations can be a bit tricky for non-Semitic language learners. I particularly like the podcasts accompanied with PDFs, and Audio-PDFs for premium subscribers. Also Mohamed and Ehab the teachers are extremely responsive to any of your questions on grammar, pronunciation, and culture.

    The other great thing about ArabicPod.net, which you unfortunately do not get enough of in DuoLingo, is the cultural context of the language. The Arabic language is laden with Islamic and Arab/Turkish/Persian/Mediterranean histories, ArabicPod can explain things to you that DuoLingo cannot. For example, in many Arabic dialects the word for salt is "Tuz" it also can be used in an insult like "Tuz Feek", the reason is the word originated from Turkish and so using it as an insult can be akin to separating yourself from an once oppressive foreigner... "Tuz Feek" - "Get out of here/Go to heck" etc...

    Things you will never fully grasp through DuoLingo alone but the community boards definitely help! Anyway anyone ever wanting to practice Arabic please let me know. I'd be glad to.

    مع التقدير Tomes


    You, my friend, are a Godsend. Thank you so much for sharing this information with us. I hope you enjoy the Lingot, you earned it!


    Glad the information was helpful, Arabic language learning has been a passion for several years.


    I've tried arabicpod and spanishpod and unfortunately I don't find them as user-friendly as duolingo, which is why I still think it would be awesome if duolingo offered it. But thanks for the helpful tips :)



    To be clear arabicpod.net is separate from other "languagePod" programs that have a similar name. It is an individual institution that does not teach other languages or part of a larger foreign language company/subsidiary.

    Speaking to your critique of not as user-friendly, I agree in the sense that you cannot pull up your phone at a bus stop and start chipping away at Arabicpod.net as easily as DuoLingo. However, the podcasts in conjunction with opening and reading the PDF transcripts are great, and then also the explanations, are what does it in for me. When most of you go to the board for a question the ArabicPod.net podcasts are doing the explanations as to why something is conjugated a certain way or the cultural context.

    I also think Arabicpod.net may be a steeper learning curve for true beginners of the language vs. DuoLingo, you may not get that satisfactory feedback, but if any serious learner of Arabic should look into Arabicpod.net in my opinion. DuoLingo seems to be a great platform to being the learning process, that I whole heartedly agree. And have volunteered to contribute even to a DuoLingo Arabic, if they let me!


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    Thank you Starbornx !


    This has got to be the biggest omission from the incubator.


    I want to learn Arabic . I have muslims living all around me . They are very kind , they bring things to me and my siblings . I will really love to communicate with them .


    I would love to learn Arabic but there not in duolingo would be awesome if u have


    Hi sharonalexa,

    There is currently an English for Arabic speakers course being created in the Incubator. Once that course is finished, it will be used to help create the Arabic for English speakers course. You can find out more about it here: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1426103 (New languages/Incubator)

    In addition, you can watch the progress taking place here: https://www.duolingo.com/courses go to "I Speak" and select "Arabic" to see how far along the course is. Another way to see this is by going to http:'//incubator.duolingo.com (amount of course complete is represented by a blue bar, rather than a number here. English for Arabic is in Stage 1 right now.

    I hope this helps! ^_^


    who is need to learn arabic ? i can help any one to learn basics of arabic and and more ....but i need to learn french so i will help you in arabic and you will help me in french


    Hi Ahmed, I am a French Canadian and would like to learn Arabic. I know absolutely nothing of Arabic though.


    hi we can exchange our langues :) and i will learn you basics and some phrases just leave ur skype id :)


    Hello fellow Canadian :) I am from Ottawa and I speak fluent Arabic and English since they are both my mother tongue languages. I am very interested in learning Canadian French specifically (Québécois). If you want we can both learn new languages as I already taught a friend of mine the basics of the Arabic language and how to engage in simple yet effective conversations. See what suits you and give me reply :)


    if you like arabic language i can learn it for you


    Teach me Arabic please


    just follow me in fb and i will teach you


    Hussein please help me to learn arabic..


    just follow me in fb and i will teach you


    Would you be able to contribute to the Duolingo course? :)


    i'm glad i found this discussion, i'm a native Arabian, i applied to Incubator :)


    Dear Duolingo,

    Please offer Arabic!

    Sincerely, -Everyone


    Right now the Duo Team is working on it's chatbots!


    Yes please, Arabic on Duolingo would be the best!


    Gave a lingot ;) . I think it's shocking that languages such as Klingon or High Valyrian (nothing against these) are being developed but there is still no Arabic. I think it is so critical and openminded to learn some of this language, especially with the current large number of refugees in Europe (Yes, I'm aware they don't all speak arabic). I'd urge all englisch-arabic speakers to help out to develop this language when in lands in the incubator as I have been stalking Duolingo for 2 years every now and then, in the hopes of using my account again to start to learn this and judging by the comments, so have several other people. I've never commented before but I really hope this comes through and I really would love to learn some of this. Thanks to anyone who helps contribute to it!


    7/8 Months ago I also wanted to learn Arabic, but there are simply not enough resources to help you achieve that goal.

    I even joined Arabic class at a fee of £210 for only 10 weeks and I use to travel quite a long difference from my house, which is right outside the outskirts of London to Oxford Circus (Central London); and on top of the that it was expensive to go to central London.

    BUT, THE EXPERIENCE WAS AWFULL! if you are reading my comment please don't waste your time and money in joining beginning language classes, for the first 5 weeks I learned only few basic words (house= dar, raqam= number, madina= city) and I have already forget rest of the words I Learnt. So, then mid-way through I left the course

    But, when then joined Dualingo because I got this new passion to learn Spanish since I had to learn new language due to the requirement of my University degree. What I have learnt in the last two months I Have not even learnt 5% of that when I left Arabic Classes.

    So, if Dualingo started this course it would be great, bear in mind my story might suggest that Arabic is hard but it actually depends on how effectively you learn it; which should be through self-teaching.


    That was my experience as well. Two years of MSA didn't enable me to really do much with the language, but I learned a lot of grammar and some basic vocabulary. The third years started making a difference. Independent study and speaking to native speakers was much more helpful, but still... maybe it isn't super difficult, but it just takes a long time, especially compared to other languages. That, and you have to be willing to put in a huge amount of time on your own learning as much vocabulary as possible. Three key qualities to cultivate when learning Arabic: initiative, patience and flexibility.


    I'd love an Arabic fus-ha (Modern Standard Arabic) course! So many of the courses I find are dialects.

    Any Arabs feeling generous?


    I'm Arab, but I'm afraid I won't be the best person to explain anything. But I found a website that has a MSA course. You can check it out if you want. I'm learning Japanese there. :) http://www.memrise.com


    Yeah, I srsly want to learn Arabic, plz add it to Duolingo!




    Yes it would be possible and should be done.


    I don't know why this is not happening...I mean, they are hatching hebrew, hindi and russian, so it's not a technical problem. There are people to help, so why they are delaying it?

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    Have you ever had experience writing a language book or language course ? Have you experience in developing computer programs and developing releases? It is easy to quickly produce sub standard resources and information that is misleading and false.


    Ok, maybe my message sound more harsh than I wanted to. I know that releasing is not a joke. But as arabic seems to be avoided in official declarations, I was just curious to know why was that. Duolingo is a huge project, and the fact that is free make it bigger, so I didn't want to criticize anything.

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    Edited: I am sorry I got so defensive. Questions are welcomed to be asked here. However I know all those creating the courses are trying to deliver a quality course as quickly as possible. I do know that different scripts also have technical challenges as well as 'language' challenges. It is the desire of all involved to produce a course as quickly as possible - but to also provide a quality course. And there can be issues that need to be addressed with every course - that can make it hard to predict when it will be released. I know we all appreciate it if people can be patient as issues are worked through as quickly as possible.
    Again - I apologize and did not mean to offend you either.


    I understand your arguments, don't worry I cannot be offended if a feature does not come out free and fast. Thanks for the feedback!


    It seems like you're talking about the course as if someone is actually working on it. Did an Arabic course begin in secret? As far as I'm aware from checking incubator, work on an Arabic course hasn't even begun...

    I get that there are many challenges but I simply can't buy that it just couldn't be started because of the script or because it's such a different language (especially when another Semitic language was finished long ago and many languages with different scripts are in the works).

    If work on an Arabic course begins I will be the last person to complain that it's "taking too long". Making a course is challenging and I understand that.

    However, for as long as an Arabic course isn't even started and the so-called reasons are non-sensical (different script or whatever when other such languages are finished) I won't understand so well and will probably even complain.

    If someone gave a valid reason why Arabic work hadn't started (like that they know once the course if finished many people will quit because whichever dialect is chosen will inevitably displease many people) then I wouldn't complain about that. But to give no reason not to start such a huge and in-demand language is highly annoying. And to say that having a different script and it being a Semitic language means Arabic can't be started, but Hebrew is finished, is ridiculous.


    I agree on that one and if they need helpers were glad to help but atleast they should first give it a try instead of not even trying to


    Question about the (possibly upcoming) English to Arabic course: I've been reading about the English to Hebrew course in the incubator and see that it's been going for at least ~2 months, and will take ~another 6 months. That all makes sense to me since this is non-trivial to do a good job.

    I speak Hebrew (or did at least) and read & write it, and when switching alphabets and direction of writing/reading, it does bring new factors into play. My question is this: Do you start a new course by doing an "english phonetic" version (which would by itself be very useful) first and then doing the actual alphabet-correct portion? I'm just wondering why Hebrew would be any easier than Arabic. To my knowledge of each, they are somewhat similar (please, no one take offense, I just mean that there are some commonalities, not that they're interchangeable ;;).

    • 372

    Dear Mickey, THANK YOU so much for this post at the moment especially. I can not tell you how much I appreciate it. :D


    I think teaching the alphabet from the get go it better than using English Romanization? Or did I misunderstand? Probably lmao Anyway, it's good because they can practice reading through the whole rest of the course. Really will force them to know and understand and get that out of the way. It's not difficult anyway.


    I would love to learn Arabic through Duolingo!


    I am also interested in a ARabic course.


    YES! PLEASE offer Arabic.


    Hi Duolingo! :) Please add Arabic language course


    I fully support the request to make available an Arabic course for English speakers. I realize that there are technical difficulties as the structure is different from European languages. However, the structure of Turkish and Hebrew are also very different from European languages, but these problems have been successfully overcome. Since the sad demise of the livemocha community the need for crowd-sourced language learning has become more vital than ever. Community led initiatives are more permanent and durable than those led by individuals or motivated by financial considerations. At present there is a much greater gap in the availability of Arabic courses than for European languages, especially where free courses are concerned. It is a good time for Duolingo to develop it's structures to facilitate the learning of a greater variety of languages and be more able in the future to fulfill it's goals of not only making major world languages available to learners, but all languages for which there is a demand. Good luck everyone!


    I learned some Arabic in school and want to continue! Duolingo is by far the best language learning app I've tried and would love to be able to continue Arabic on this platform as opposed to the available apps (which aren't very good).


    I really want to learn Arabic. I'm a native English speaker and am passably conversant in French, and if I could learn Arabic, I would be able to communicate with a very wide range of people across North Africa and the Middle East, which is an area of the world I'm very interested in traveling/working in. I'm really surprised that Duolingo doesn't have an Arabic course - it's a language that a lot of people speak. I love Duolingo's French course, but when I see that Duolingo has more progress on a Klingon course - a fictional language which is not anyone's native language, nor is there anyone who can speak only Klingon - it really makes me question Duolingo's motives and relevance.


    Come on Duo! People get into Memrise because you don not offer them an Arabic course!! Is it that hard?!!


    Duolingo has recently released their new flashcards app called Tinycards. The people of Duo seemed to be busy with that to challenge competitors such as Quizlet and Memrise.

    Also I think another reason why there isn't a Arabic course for English speakers because there needs to be volunteers, and when I mean volunteers they need a team who can do both Arabic to English translation properly in the MSA format (because there are many accent variations of Arabic) for people who are starting to learn. Even if Duolingo doesn't have the course it depends all on the person if they REALLY want to invest and learn the language-I was bummed out too-but I didn't give up on a language since my favorite website doesn't offer it. I went to my local library and city library for books, watch telenovelas in Arabic, go on Tumblr masterposts, and do more things to immerse myself in the language.

    This thread is two years old. TWO YEARS! I came here about five months ago or so just to read commentary, I wonder what happen to other people who came on here a couple years ago. Like have they ever learned Arabic, or did they just given up?



    There're many volunteers for Arabic on Duo. There's already a course from Ar->En and they have agreed to do the reverse as well. I'm one of them :)


    Yeah :/ ..

    About the volunteers, If the people running Duo REALLY want to find some, then it's not that hard! and Arabic has only one formal accent and you don't have to learn the Syrian or the Egyptian .. The Original Arabic is one.


    I agree with you on the volunteer thing, there were some people on this thread who said that they applied to be a volunteer-but reading the time they posted the comment it was before the Arabic-English course have graduated from beta. And around that time on this thread and a couple of others there was speculation that after Arabic-English there is going to be an English-Arabic course.

    Also on the accent part-I know its unnecessary to learn the accents. Although in various regions/countries there are different words for things that can mean something in one country and mean nothing in the next. Like in Latin America, Spanish is spoken-but if you come to Honduras with that European Spanish accent talking about a 'concha' you'll get a surprise-and its not good.

    Like in different Arabic speaking regions do they have their own slang that are different from other regions/countries?


    Yes, for sure, But!!

    If you speak the ORIGINAL-FORMAL Arabic, then everyone in all Arab regions/countries must understand you. But -you know- the slang words are more familiar and it's commonly spread, not only in the Arab countries but all over the world -just as you've said- so, about Arabic course her on Duo, It's so easy for All Arabic Speakers from all Arab countries to get volunteered and take part in making and setting this Course up for the English speakers ..


    It will be nice for everyone to do so. I can imagine possibilities of how the course could be made such as having a MSA to start for beginners and then other subdivisions for Arabic if people want to learn a specific accent. Though that's just the imagination wondering about the Arabic course.

    Even though it seems so easy for all Arabic speakers from various countries to take part and volunteer I think we have to keep in mind that people are preoccupied with other things: family, work, school etc. and also when people think of volunteer they could think of "doing work for free-" but that's my presumption on reasons why people are not volunteering.

    In addition, probably the Duolingo has something else in mind other than Arabic, their focus is on the courses that they have now.


    Please add Arabic to Duolingo! It would help so much!


    Yes please! Would also be very interested.


    Learning Arabic would be nice.


    Please, please, please, add Arabic for English speakers!!!!




    Please add Arabic! There are many benefits to learning Arabic, and I would love to learn the language.


    would love to see Arabic course


    Yes, please add Arabic!


    Hope my upvote counts for something. Don't want this idea to die; it would be truly amazing to learn Arabic along with every other language that is already up here.


    Yeah, this thread has been going on for a long while now. We just have to keep on spamming until the Mods take notice! Keep on upvoting other comments too!


    I think Arabic would be quite difficult to type on an English keyboard though.


    Actually, it's very easy to get used to. You add the language on the language bar and press alt-tab to switch seamlessly. You can buy very cheap stickers to paste on the keyboard as well.


    why .. it's only 2 more letters :)


    I can speak Arabic well

    [deactivated user]

      Look at the comment directly above your own.


      but i didn't say i will teach any one


      i wanna tell the people that l can speak arabic


      i want to learn arabic skype ishi.ahmed786


      who is need to learn arabic ? i can help any one to learn basics of arabic and and more ....but i need to learn french so i will help you in arabic and you will help me in french

      [deactivated user]

        I'm game. I am great with French for an American and would love some Arabic.


        can we excahnge french by arabic ??

        [deactivated user]

          Sounds good. You got Skype?


          yes my skype id is ahmed shalby 345


          what is your skype id

          [deactivated user]



            Arabic is difficult, but very beautiful language at the same time :"") I think you can look for some other websites to learn Arabic, till it be available on duolingo :) And I think you can find very helpful videos on Youtube :) Unfortunately I don't know any website can help you, cuz I am a native speaker ^^" Best regards ^_^


            Any language is difficult if you think it is. I'm learning Arabic on my own and find it quite easy once you get past the idea that it is hard. I think people think it is hard because of the alphabet. It just take time and practice like any other language we learn.


            Can you give links to your resources?


            Probably it is difficult to learn but it's the best language


            Arabic is a very rich language......rich with vocabulary of nature and poetry,,,


            i agree with u ,try to learn if u find any difficulty Im ready to help u it's my native language


            As a native Arab speaker, I have found Arabic to be the hardest language to grasp. There is proper Arabic and modern Arabic (What you usually hear is modern Arabic. Arabs don't speak proper Arabic with each other, but they know how to). This causes mass confusion since we sometimes can not understand each other due to our dialects. I would say Arabic is different from any other language and the best way of learning it is by means of conversation with a native speaker.


            Perhaps you want to contribute here on Duolingo? :)


            I can help any one to learn how to speak and write in Arabic language :') just leave your comment !


            I want to learn Arabic!


            i am here. just ask me and I will help you :')


            I would love any help you can provide.


            i am here. just ask me and I will help you :')


            Is the offer still on?


            i am here. just ask me and I will help you :')


            Teach me arabic. Please.


            give me your facebook account or whatever social account to be in touch through


            ishi.ahmed786 muhammadishtiaq7689@yahoo.com


            Perhaps you can also help develop the Duolingo course? :)


            I would love to learn the Arabic language :)


            Now that the English for Arabic speakers has been out for a while, is it likely that there will be Arabic for English speakers in the incubator soon? Or no? I would really love to try to learn arabic, I have been doing some studying elsewhere but it would be great to have on Duolingo.


            Arabic please!!


            I want arabic also please :D


            hello i speak arbic


            I can't wait until Turkish is available! Only 5% left I believe.


            Hey guys, I've studied Arabic as a degree and I'm quite proficient in terms of speaking, writing and grammar. I also teach children, I would love to help. However, I can't find the arabic program in the incubator; could anyone perhaps help me? English is my native language.


            Hi Umar, which Arabic dialect are you familiar with? I would like to learn Arabic, but still waiting for it on Duolingo too.


            Hey Zeno,

            Only MSA/Fusha (the classical dialect) I can get by with egyptian but have made no attempt to learn it, as it serves me no use in the uk. There are many sources online to start learning with :)


            Ah right. I am trying to learn the Shami dialect and MSA/ Fusha too :)


            Please add arabic to duolingo!


            I'm learning MSA, but I'd like to see Egyptian Arabic as well. Maybe, in the future, we'll have a course for each dialect. I want Arabic for Portuguese speakers too, and I'm going to request Hebrew for Portuguese. If you wanna learn أَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ then MSA will be a guide for the dialects.


            I too would love to learn Arabic. I am learning French Spanish and Russian. Duolingo is so great. Chinese Mandarin.


            Yes please! I speak English and I'm learning Spanish but I really want to speak Arabic! I was so disappointed when I saw that there wasn't a course for English speakers wanting to learn. Please help us, Duolingo!


            I was very fluent in Arabic a decade ago. Sadly, I grew complacent and allowed my skills to get rusty. While my Arabic education went far beyond what Duolingo courses cover, the addition of an Arabic course would be a fantastic refresher to ease me back into the language.


            Yes, please add Arabic - Standard Arabic. Arabic is a very widely spoken language, and it would be great to use Duolingo to become conversational in it.


            yes please add arabic


            I am bilingual. I have a very good command of the Arabic grammar. I would love to contribute in building an Arabic course on duolingo. I already applied on the incubator, but I am still waiting. We want an Arabic course.


            I would love it too! Especially because a lot of us have directly or indirectly arabic roots.


            I am Arabian person and I'd like to teach foreigners my own language, do you want to learn it? :) I teach you my language besides you teach me yours.


            What form of Arabic do you speak? I would like to learn Levantine Arabic.


            My Arabic accent is not from Levantine Arabic, it's Saudi's accent, I have friends from Syria and some Levantine accents that I could understand from him; No problem, I'd like to speak just for fun and interesting with learn.


            Do you think you would be able to contribute to the Duolingo course? :)


            of course! but I'm not specialist of Arabic language, just informal language (Simple language) and that's what we need.


            DUOLINGO! You need an arabic course here

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            Edited: .
            I strongly recommend checking out : https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15014194

            And I think I will now head off to bed, as I think I am a bit grumpy at the moment. I am sorry for that.

            I do hope you do get involved in helping us create amazing resources and helping our language learning community in what ever capacity you can.
            Feel free to drop by and ask me questions as well. I would love to get to know you more.

            Sending you kind regards, Goodnight for now.


            Adding Arabic would be awesome. With so many requests, it's a wonder it's not already an option. Please, we implore you, add Arabic.


            Arabic Language of the most beautiful languages ​​and it's the language of the Koran and it's easy to learn and I love it in large greatly Let us in order to learn , I speak in Arabic is true , but I want to learn , because not everything I know about Arabic Language , I want to know everything about it is my that I love


            hello mariam h r u ?
            i am noor from i raq and u


            are you speak Arabic ?


            تشرفت بيج حبي


            please add Arabic ;)))))


            I am a public school teacher and Arabic speaking students are the fasted growing immigrant group in my community, it would be a huge benefit to learn Arabic.


            I'm throwing in my vote here - I'd love to learn Arabic, it is a beautiful and important language.


            أنا مهتم جدا بإضافة اللغة العربية. فهي لغة بليغة وكلماتها لها أصوات جميلة (على الأقل هذا ما أعتقد!). سيكون من الرائع دمج اللغة العربية في برنامج Duolingo؟


            c'mon already has it been three years? duolingo how often do you update? please expand your team pleeeease


            I would loooooovvvvveeee to be able to learn Arabic here! I've found that Duolingo is the platform that works best for me in learning languages and I've always been interesting in learning it - that'd be so much fun!


            I would love to have Arabic offered here, I want to finally be able to talk with my family from Iraq! Dad never taught me, so I'd like to learn it on my own here.


            Yes, please add arabic! I really want to learn it.


            Does this post count as a vote for adding this course? 'Cause I vote for adding this course.


            I'd love to learn Arabic the Duolingo way!


            I would love to learn Arabic, please add this course.


            Would it help if people interested in an English -> Arabic course were to organize a crowdfunding to help Duolinguo start working on it?


            Great idea. But I think the Duolingo team has gotten it into their heads that they are not going to do Arabic Crowdfunding would be a great way to fund a separate project to create an Arabic learning app based on the same kind of dynamic you find in duolingo


            You would have to reinvent the whole learning engine, the interface, and all the debugging required to turn it into a reliable platform. I simply don't think this is realistic (and estimating software projects happens to be part of my job).


            Thanks for the input. I was thinking of "just" reimplementing some of the key functionality in a simplified version of the app, but, of course, some of that functionality is pretty complicated (the syntactical and lexical versatility of the learning engine, otherwise it's just another flashcard-like app)


            Maybe, but as far as I know, no one from Duolingo has actually chimed in on this very long topic thread, so we have no idea what they need to make it happen. I would be willing to contribute, but I doubt the reason is financial.. I'm sure there is no shortage of Arabic speakers who would be willing to help design this course for free. It's just weird that there's still no arabic, considering it's the fifth most spoken (native) language in the world.


            Maybe one of their capital investors doesn't like the idea. Who knows? Anyway, it would be great to have an actual explanation.


            Please put Arabic on here I've wanted to learn for a long time


            We want to learn Arabic! Please build such a course!


            Adding my vote for Modern Standard Arabic!


            Kinda sucks that High Valyrian is a launched course but Arabic isn't even in the incubator yet.


            Yes, I too wish to learn Arabic. I love how it sounds and it is such a wast language, learning it would be an interesting challenge.


            Please add arabic would love to learn this language


            I am so happy because more people want to learn Arabic language . I am ORay I am from Saudi Arabia


            Well, quite a lot of people from all over the world want to learn your language ;) .


            I want to learn arabic too, but I think learning arabic these days you seem quite suspect to "others":). Sorry for my joke, no offense!


            You should contribute to the Arabic if it comes to be. Have fun learning English. Beware, American English spelling is incorrect everywhere else in the world.


            want someone to talk with him everyday > i am learning English you want to learn Arabic and i want to learn English help me and i will help you> i think it is good deal >


            I have been following this thread for a long while now, on top of doing my own "self-learning" in Arabic. I just know the basics.

            I want to learn from you since you claim to know Arabic.


            سوف اعلمك لهجة الشوارع وحينها سوف تفهم اغب لهجات العرب اسمي احمد محمود احمد من السعودية وانا مستعد ان اساعد اي شخص يرغب في تعلم العربية .المشكلة هي انا لغتي الانجليزية متوسطة على الرحب والسعة في مدينة جدة نقول حياك وتعني على الرحب والسعة




            You all should check out polyglot or language exchange. Good luck. I would love to see Arabic added as well.


            طيب وش دخل oray ولا عادة من اللغة اليابامية


            Hello, Lets chat in kik group for English practice search for "ENGLISH DUOLINGO"


            Thank you! as wondering which might be the best one on there. Memrise has been my backup for when Duo does not offer a language.


            That's awesome! I've been looking for another website that will offer Arabic. It's been really cool and fun!


            Thank you for the hint. However, I think, for serious Arabic learning the free so-called "Madina Books" are a very good option: http://www.lqtoronto.com/madinaarabic.html There is free materials (also audio) available. Just one thing: Before one begins with that great books, he has to get familiar with the Arabic script and able to at least read it :) .

            • 1126

            It has Arabic, but I would much rather use Duo.


            Thank you for sharing the link!


            ooh it's very interesting , there is people who wanna learn our language, I am really delighted .


            I'd love to learn some basic Arabic! Working in a hospital in an area where we get a lot of Arabic-speaking immigrants, it would be very helpful :)


            Of course, hehe, I think quite a lot of people wants to learn your difficult, yet interesting and important language.


            Bring on Arabic learning!


            I agree. My dad's first language was Arabic, but sadly he never taught me the language, and I'd love to be able to learn it!


            i am here. just ask me and I will help you :')


            I would love to learn it 'The Duolingo Way' !


            Yes Please!! (but in phonetic English Min fadlak!


            i'm a native arabic speaker , i live in algeria , i can help


            Duolingo ir would be awesome if you put Traditonal Arabic in Duolingo!


            Me too. I really want to learn Arabic. The learning style of duolingo is very good, I know I'd find it easier to learn Arabic from here rather than a classroom.


            I love Arabic! I hope it gets added to Duo one day (soon??? ;) ) In the meantime I'm using mostly Memrise, and I sometimes ask my Arabic speaking friends for a little help.


            I would love to learn Arabic. I am trying to learn it using lessons on Youtube, but it would be very helpful to have it on Duolingo.


            Which channel are you using?


            I'm using the "learn Arabic in 5 minutes" videos


            Levantine Arabic will be a great addition to Duolingo!


            Duolingo contributors and developers! Everyone is begging for Arabic! Please start it! Please!


            Please PLeeease add arabic. Any updates on whether the request is being processed?




            Yes please please please can we have an Arabic one??


            I am very interested in learning arabic. Will it be possible to integrate ?


            I would love for English to Arabic to be added. I have been struggling through the Arabic to English. course but even still, I consider it a superior method to any of the other online options I have looked into because even many of the paid courses have a very unsophisticated interactive capability. So if anyone else is too impatient to wait, the reverse course is a very difficult option b (option ب), but it is there, and if nothing else, it will make learning Arabic via an actual English to Arabic course a lot easier and quicker once such is available to you (once it is added to Duolingo for instance). The big difficulties are the grammar (the grammar lessons in the course are all in Arabic so you will have to hit the library or just look around online) and pronunciation. For the latter, I would tentatively recommend Google Translate, though only because I have not found a better pronunciation tool. I am rather distrustful of some of its pronunciations, but, again, I think it is probably better than nothing at all. If anyone knows of a better tool that will read back Arabic typed into it, please post the name.


            On a similar note, if anyone was interested in Japanese, the reverse course works much more smoothly just by the nature of the language. The grammar is simple and pronunciation is fairly straight forward; the only difficulty is kanji, but they are no more or less difficult whether you are learning English to Japanese or Japanese to English. Chinese to English seems fairly smooth as well, though I am not very far into the course.


            i want to learn arabic, too


            Yes and I really need help in arabic at school


            Yes pleaaaaassseee add Arabic!!! I'm still waiting for Hindi and Russian but they're at least in the incubation phase! Arabic could be such a pretty and useful language to add here!


            I have to learn arabic because it is a really good language


            My father is Arabic and he wants me to learn it. I wasn't raised in my home country long enough to learn Arabic at all. I would love for duolingo to add Arabic to the program! It's a beautiful language and a lot of people at my school are foreign and they can only speak Arabic. I would love to communicate with them and my relatives from Libya.


            I'm taking Arabic at my college now and was really hoping duolingo would help me with it, and it saddens me a little that they don't have it as an option.


            Has there been any movement for this course yet? If not, is anyone else aware of a good Arabic course online?


            It depends on what you mean by "good Arabic course." There are several out there, most of which do not go much beyond basic phrases and vocabulary. Arabic is quite challenging to put together coursework for in the grammar-translation methods usually employed in online learning.

            I can recommend Memrise for learning vocabulary, but the best resources I have found for learning the mechanics of the language have been books and working with native speakers. Honestly, after three years of study I can tell you it takes some serious commitment of time and resources to gain any kind of competence in Arabic.

            Feel free to message me, I can probably work up a list based on your learning goals.


            I'm considering the course Arabic Online. I may start beginning next year. It looks good and it is very cheap: http://www.arabiconline.eu/ It costs £10 per month or £72 per year. Does anybody have experience with this course?


            plz add arabic i really want to learn it


            YES ARABIC PLEASE!!! It's my dream to live in Dubai!


            please create an arabic course!!


            I agree, Id be really interested. I cant say I wasnt a bit disappointed when I looked and it wasnt there, haha. And apparently its been over a year since someone first requested it.


            In light of the global refugee crisis I feel it would be in many people's best interests to add even a basic course so volunteers can help more. I want to start volunteering, but I know absolutely zero Arabic. Please consider?


            There are some emerging resources in this regard.


            These folks have produced the following document in multiple spreadsheets:


            There are targeted Memrise courses but, of course, much of the vocabulary related to the crisis itself in Arabic is rather technical/advanced:


            I hope that helps in some way. The refugee crisis has resulted in the need to assess solutions to many diverse problems, social, cultural, and linguistic. Thank you for wanting to help, and believe me, even if you only learn some basic pleasantries in Arabic, it will be enough to bring some ease into situations where people are at the limits of their humanity.


            Thank you so much for your guidance on this. I know that my city will be welcoming refugees within the next couple of weeks and I want them to feel as welcome as possible in a strange, new place. Even if it makes one person's journey a little easier it will be worth it.


            Yeah! I'm amazed it's not already on here. Welsh, but no Arabic? No offense to Welsh or any another minority language (I spent a bunch of time learning Catalan), but you would think there would be a lot more demand for Arabic. Perhaps it's a script issue?


            Probably more of a workload issue I'd imagine, arabic being fairly complex and duolingo relying on volunteers.


            I'd also love to study Arabic via Duolingo. I know quite a few Arabic speakers to practice on / with and love it's sound.


            Why is klingon incubating before arabic? No offense, I love star trek, but that seems slightly less important than Arabic in 2016

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            It is all about resources and complexities. Languages that have evolved over ten or thousands of years with a huge vocabulary and complexity that has accumulated over that time, are a bit different to one created in a blink of an eye. Rest assured - all the teams involved are working hard to produce quality courses as soon as they can be released - including klingon, and Arabic, and many others besides :D


            Thank you for your reply. I understand it is extremely complex, but would still like to see it incubating. I'll stay tuned.


            They are still working on the English for Arab speakers course, when that's completed I'm sure they will announce the reverse course


            also i would like duolingo to start a farsi(persian) and an uzbek course


            you have so many lingots donated!!!

            and please let this website add Arabic!


            I would love to learn this language so I'm putting in my vote...also would help me a lot with my job.


            It will be great to have Arabic as a language on Duolingo


            Yes! Arabic would be awesome! Please!


            Yes!!! That would be AWESOME !! .. and I'll help as it's my Mother-tongue language !!


            my froom marocoo (arabic)


            Guys I am arabic speaker i can help who need to learn arabic well and I need some help to learn english by practice too thanks.. facebook.com/E.P.SHADOW


            Can't wait for the course !


            we hope to add arabic course


            I am ready to help..


            Oh, it seems an old request, and no reason for duolingo to prevent it. I don't think there is not at least ONE qualified person for this job. To learn any language you need to practice speech, you need to hear how it is pronounced and let the teacher correct your mistakes. You need to talk to people, it is not enough to read about it or learn it from a recorded video. I suggest that people who wants to learn Arabic find native Arabic speakers who are willing to teach and learn together on Skype, line, or any other way possible to see and hear how the words are spoken. I have my Facebook link on my profile for serious people.


            I hope that there will be courses in duolingo to both speak English or benefit of any other language you are wonderful this language, there must be courses from English into Arabic and other languages ​​into Arabic so it will be great / I'm going to join in the building of this curriculum and all to speak Arabic so that the rest of the people / Ahmed Hosam i am Egyptian


            آمل أن تكون هناك دورات الدخول إلى كل من التحدث باللغة الإنجليزية أو الاستفادة من أي لغة أخرى كنت رائعا هذه اللغة، يجب أن تكون هناك دورات من اللغة الإنجليزية إلى اللغة العربية واللغات الأخرى إلى اللغة العربية لذلك سوف تكون كبيرة / أنا ذاهب ل المشاركة في بناء هذه المناهج وكل التحدث باللغة العربية حتى يتسنى للبقية الشعب / أحمد حسام أنا المصري


            I am so happy guys because you want to learn Arabic language . I am ORay and I can speak Arabic very will because I am from Saudi Arabia PEACE WITH LOVE


            I'm also interested in studying Arabic. Please add it!


            I'd like to add my vote for Arabic.


            Please add Arabic! I'm shocked it wasn't added already. It's a major world language.


            I want to learn arabic too


            this is awesome to add courses in arabic . go for it .


            Yes, we need an arabic course, any native speakers willing to create one?


            i need to learn :) i got some from algeria but idk how much help that is


            Why not Egyptian? it is used more, all of my arabic friends, from Yemen, Morocco and Egypt, when watching movies/tv watch it in Egyptian Arabic. So wouldnt it be more helpful to learn Egyptian?


            Egyptian is a dialect and not a language, so it does not have rules and it's changing "everyday" ^^


            I never said its a language.... He asked which dialect, someone answered MSA, so I asked why not the more popular choice..... I wouldnt comment if I didnt have a clue on what I am talking about.


            i think that it would be حلال to have an Arabic course here. Is a beautiful language


            Hey everyone, I think that Arabic is a very beautiful language and I admire the way it is written in the cursive script, that's just so eloquent, I would like to request the duolingo staff to start this course, also adding a dedicated course that will teach us to write Arabic will be great, because this language is like writing cursive alphabets in English and is not easy to comprehend at first. PS- I love this site, so many languages to learn, hey what do you think of a ficitional languages, I think duolingo should have some dedicated courses for ficitional languages as well


            They're working on Klingon. I don't know about Quenya, Dothraki, etc.


            cool, just klingon ?? I was thinking about a separate module for all the fictional languages.


            Well you'd have to do each separately. Each has a fully developed grammar, vocabulary, etc. For example, Quenya was largely influenced by Welsh, but Klingon was designed by taking the least common structures available in order to create a truly alien language. But I'd love to see them work on some of the other ones.


            me 2 i want arabic , we want arabic!!


            Add Arabic. Seriously.


            I would also be thrilled to be able to learn arabic on Duolingo!


            Dear all, does anyone know if Arabic will be added anytime soon? :-))


            arabic is much needed on duolingo as it is such an important language in this modern world


            I would love to learn Arabic too. It is a very interesting language.


            Yes please! I would love to learn arabic! Hopefully the reverse course will be developed soon now that the English for Arabic speakers has graduated.


            It would truly be amazing to learn arabic as it is my dream language. i find everything about it to be so beautiful from the writing to the sounds. I have learned only a few words through friends here and there but I would love for duolingo to have an interactive program for english native speakers to learn with. Yes, it is a very difficult language but anyone who truly wants to learn will definitely put in the hard work and effort to succeed.


            I would love to learn Arabic. Please add for English speakers.


            I am very interested in learning Arabic. The language is eloquent and the words have beautiful sounds (at least that's what I think!). Would it be possible to integrate this into the Duolingo program?


            OK - I will fess up in public - It was I who gave you the 10 lingots.


            I think its a shame it's not on here as it's one of the world most widely spoken languages. I would really like to learn it on Duolingo


            I would very much like to learn Arabic with Duolingo.


            How come Arabic is not on Duolingo. And this request is two years old! That's it I'm volunteering.


            PLEASE add Arabic! It's an extremely high yield language that will only grow in popularity and necessity! Basically learning Spanish on duo to bide my time till Arabic is on here.


            bump bump bump, please i want it


            If Duo ever does offer Arabic I would be happy to become a moderator. English is my native language but I am fluent in Arabic as well


            I am happy to contribute, if possible! Arabic language is ignored at latest years, and the reason is ISIS. Arabic through without ISIS is a must skill! Arabic is in top 5 most spoken languages...Plus, a bunch of literature, music and arts. The culture of Arab is endless! I am just worry that even if I learn such a bright language it will be useless, since I am a girl and arab countries seem to hate girls.


            I want to learn Arabic too!


            Please bring Arabic to Duolingo!


            I really want to learn Arabic the words are so beatiful


            I would like to learn Arabic!


            Hopefully Duolingo will add an Arabic course soon! I've been living in Kuwait for three years and am hoping to be able to continue my Arabic learning once I move back home


            I agree , duolingo should add it .


            I think it would be great to be able to learn the various spoken dialects as well....Levant, Egyptian, Moroccan, etc.....what is the ETA for the MSA course?


            I hope Duolingo adds Arabic but I understand that it will not be easy to teach as part of this format. I have found some excellent learning resources. First to learn to read: www.arabicreadingcourse.com After that I have been studying the excellent tutorials on YouTube by Easy Languages - they do a course in Easy Egyptian Arabic and Easy Arabic (Jordanian). Also there is the Saifi Institute for Arabic Language which does lessons on YouTube (this is Lebanese Arabic). I also found the excellent site WeSpeke where there are thousands of people around the world wanting to improve their English and can help you learn Arabic (or any language). All these are free. I hope this helps. حظ سميدا - think that's good luck!!


            Just here to give my support to Arabic for English speakers. I've learned a bit already through another language learning product from Assimil but Doulingo works much better for me. We have English for Arabic speakers and Hebrew for English speakers so it would really fill a gab here on Duolingo.


            Yes , Please someone add Arabic


            Please add a course on Arabic for English speakers


            Hey Guys: If you'd like to see Syrian/Levantine Arabic, could you please like/comment here? : https://www.duolingo.com/comment/21326484 thanks :)


            Arabic is a very useful language in this world and I think that it should be offered on Duolingo for English speakers. I know Duolingo is busy with a lot of other stuff so that is why we need people who can volunteer to contribute to an Arabic course. I would love to learn Arabic! Please, anybody who speaks English and Arabic, can you please contibute. Thank you in advance to those who see this post.


            Yes, please. Arabic from English.


            Happy to give help, I can speak fluently in Arabic English and French. My Facebook: Jacob Mfk


            I would very much appreciate if we could have an Arabic course. I took a semester of it in college and absolutely loved it. It's beautiful. Not to mention it's one of the top ten most spoken languages (all of which I think should be on our site).


            I would like to learn Arabic as well!


            Arabic is a really interesting language and I would be very interested in learning it


            جميل .... ^^


            I am an Arabic teacher and I requested DuoLingo to develop Arabic (and to contribute)... but I did not get any response...


            Me too! I leave my vote.


            I would love to learn Arabic!


            Yes please!! I would love to learn Arabic.


            I'd love nothing more than to have an Arabic course. It's an amazing language.


            They should do every language in the world!!! Well, my language is on here, but maybe they should do more. That way more people could choose more things to learn. ( I love Vietnamese, I'm learning it now )


            Hello ! if anyone wants to learn Arabic , he can use this site :- https://www.busuu.com/en

            My native language is Arabic and I master English . Good luck ^^


            This a site to learn Arabic :


            Good luck ^^


            I have applied 5 times over the past 2 years iirc, but not a single response till now. I'm willing to help anyone learn Arabic, although I doubt my skills in language teaching. BUT, one never knows what they can do until they actually do it.


            Dear Duolingo Team,

            Please confirm when the Arabic language will be available.


            I would like to learn Egyptian Arabic for a trip. I see that there are several arabics listed and don't know the difference. Do I need to learn the script just for getting around in a taxi, ordering food, and bargaining in the bazaars?


            Yes, please, please, duolingo, add standard Arabic (for English speakers) to your list of languages. Judging from this forum there seems to be plenty of interest. Additionally, it will help people in the west understand Arabic speaking people in the near, middle and far east better - something we need urgently, in my opinion. So, please, please, add it. Shukran!


            It would be extremely helpful to add Arabic to the list of languages on Duolingo. Please make it a priority!


            I vote we get Arabic ASAP.


            I would like to learn Arabic because they do not offer any Arabic classes in my area and I have several refugee students who speak Arabic I would like to try to understand them.


            This has got to be ones of the most requested languages. What's keeping Duolingo from developing this?


            I am so happy because more people want to learn our language !


            Arabic definitely would be useful and interesting (significantly more useful than Klingon at least)


            I want to learn Arabic! :)


            There is english for arabic here. So it is possible to make opposite. Arabians plas help to do it :)


            how much longer we have to wait until the arabic course?


            Now more than ever we need to bridge the gap. This language is a must have for the Duolingo language offerings. I know it would be hard, what with it having the spoken and written competent that would need to be taught. I hope someone out there who can will help with the incubation process to make this a reality.


            As someone who's had a past in Arabic, I agree. It's so difficult to remember all of it here in the US, Duolingo would be incredibly helpful in that regard.


            I want to learn Arabic!


            Please add Arabic for native English speakers. Thanks!


            Please add Arabic!!


            Great idea, modernMorena!


            i'm a native arabic speaker , and i can help anyone


            I am an arab person, arabic is not easy ihope u learnet fast


            I thought they had it. I want to learn Arabic!


            I am very interested in learning Arabic. The language is eloquent and the words have beautiful sounds (at least that's what I think!). Would it be possible to integrate this into the Duolingo program?


            I'm very surprised that Duo doesnt have Arabic or a simplified Chinese. like spoken/phonetic instead of character lessons( a full would be great too but it would take a while to "hatch"). I would Love to see these languages here.


            Yes, I agree. i was trying to learn Arabic at so many web sites, but Duolingo is the best. Here I learned so many Turkish and it will be great that I can learn Arabic here, too. So I hope you'll do something. Tkanks a lot...


            I agree! Specifically, I'm interested in learning the Tunisian dialect, but Arabic would give me a much better foundation for that.


            Yhea, I would love to learn arabic


            yes I want that 2


            I am also keen for a Duolingo Arabic course. I had a short trial of the Rosetta Stone Arabic course three years ago and it was good, but I think Duolingo would be even better (and free)


            Just adding my two cents to this "discussion" I would love love to add Arabic to my arsenal of languages. I'll be right there when there is a beta version to try out. Love Duolino.


            i would love that too!


            Je veux connaitre l'arabe des egyptiens parce que je travaille avec eux


            I am very interested in learning Arabic skype ishi.ahmed786 who can teach me i can speak Urdu German and English


            Still waiting for an Arabic course .. :/


            I am very ready to help you in Learning Arabic


            Hi, I am from Syria. I am an Arabic native speaker. I can help you in Learning Arabic


            Learning this language as another one of these courses would be AMAZING


            I too would welcome the inclusion of Arabic


            I would love to learn Arabic as well. If I'm wanting to learn Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which of the following variations of the language should I be focusing on? Chadian, Jordanian, Mauritanian, Moroccan, or Tunisian??


            Modern Standard Arabic is its own variation.


            Egyptian or Syrian (also Lebanese) are the widest understood dialects. You shouldn't do Moroccan as it is one of the least known dialect in the Arab countries...also I see you're studying French, a GREAT number of Moroccan ppl know French..I mean if you want to interact. But learn MSA first, this only is the true Arabic language (in the modern period).


            Yeah , I wanna learn Arabic ,specially the Saudi dialect!


            It's would be amazing.


            I would love to learn arabic here.


            Yes! I really REALLY want to learn Arabic on Duolingo!


            من الجيد جدا إضافة دروس اللغة العربية لهذا الموقع التعليمي الرائع


            welcome all أهلا وسهلا بكم


            Anyone who can speak Arabic please contribute to duolingo at least just a little bit , please , I need it very much to pass my exams.


            It would be beneficial if I could learn basics of Arabic as I will be interning in the Horn of Africa. Perhaps Duolingo could invest in Arabic as a language to learn.


            if you are familiar with arabic characters, you could use the reverse process that exists there already. I am fluent in English but I'm learning english for arab speakers as a mean to learn arabic. its not bad.


            Arabic would be awesome!

            • 372

            Arabic IS awesome ! ;P


            Duolingo should get on with it then :D


            Adding Arabic is an amazing idea, the language is one of the best by far in my opinion.


            hey. i can speak arabic and almost all the dialects. i can help you if you want

            • 372

            Have you considered putting in an application to the incubator ? Make sure you include information about which language is your native language, and which ones you are proficient in - including of course your dialects that you are proficient in.

            As well - if you are keen, then help people out in the forums - as this may also form part of your assessment quite often.

            While this is a bit off topic, some people have posted some really interesting information about putting an application in, etc. here Press on the light gray word here , and it will take you to this discussion post.

            Thanks for your offer, and I look forward to seeing you around the forums :D


            It would be difficult due to the fact that we do not speak Standard Arabic everyday. We all speak in dialect which change based on region, city, country, even people in the same family can speak differently. It all varies


            My guess is with limitation with keyboards, they'd have to design their own. If you notice, greek, mandarin, and Arabic haven't been added even though i'm sure there's a high demand for them.


            This cannot be the reason. Russian is available and that's in a different language. Greek is also already in production.


            maybe they re trying to add Arabic language . you all should wait for a while


            There appears to be a push on the English for Arabic speakers page to start up the Arabic for English page now that the former has graduated out of beta. I have everything crossed for this! Excite!


            I hear some people talking about how there are so many Arabic dialects and no standard Arabic and how this would be hard to learn the language. Well Standard Arabic does exist and it's called Fus-ha. It's the Arabic kids learn in school, its the working dialect for most Arabs.The Middle East isn't that disorganized guys.


            Hi All, I'm Lebanese and I can teach you Arabic. I'd like to practice my Danish in return as I have already finished my tree. Please leave your Skype name if interested. We can also meet if you're living in Denmark.


            Can we please get Arabic in duolingo

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            Dear ZahinMajid,
            I am not replying in any official capacity for Duolingo, but I have every trust that what can be being done here is being done - barring a huge influx of cash to throw at bringing additional reverse trees into being, that could then be used to employ the resources to increase the speed of delivery. Although at the same time there is a limit to the speed that a course can be developed, and throwing too many people into the mix can slow the progress of a courses development down.

            Your patience is appreciated in this regard. And no deal of pleading - without commensurate resources coming to hand - I think will speed up the process. From all I see - it is the desire of Duolingo to deliver as many quality language learning trees into the world as it is able.

            HOWEVER- please note - if you are competent in two languages that are not yet released/completed, I would encourage you to apply to the incubator - to provide your resources to assist.
            To do so, put your application in here


            i would love to have Arabic as my third language


            I reallyyy want Arabic for English speakers!!! the language is in high demand.


            Yes, I would love to learn Arabic via Duolingo


            please put arabic


            chinese/ english speaker here! i'm currently learning spanish but arabic is next on my list!!! hope new courses are launched by then! fingers crossed


            Hi agree. Duolingo please add Arabic!!!


            What about also making Arabic dialects courses? The latin script can be used. Don't know how in other countries, but Lebanese use numbers in the writing. and it's pretty easy. However, there isn't any standard version also. so yeah, that's a problem


            Egyptians use numbers as well, as every other Arab country, I think.


            I'd love to learn Arabic as well.


            Please add arabic


            I studied Arabic for ~2 years almost a decade ago, but it has been hard to actually use it...so sad to say, I'm losing it just like I lost my French and what little Spanish I used to have. Duolingo has helped me get some of my French back (I really need to work harder because that was almost 2 decades ago...) and I'd really love to find a efficient and convenient way to get back my Arabic, and not lose any more.


            I think it's better , my friend from Italy ask me about this matter , he is intersting abut learning Arabic :)


            أظن أنها خطوة جيدة ، إلى الأمام دولينغو .....


            I really badly want Arabic the Rosetta Stone is offering it but I rather have it in duolingo


            I want to learn Arabic too. I would definitely use duolingo for this if it was available.


            you are so cool or should say awsome


            Please add arabic


            I've heard Arabic many times, and I would absolutely love to learn it here on Duolingo. PLEASE add it!


            I'd love this. I wish to learn so much as to recognize some different accents as well, like Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi, or Jordanian.


            you should try i out you never know


            Arabic is one of the six most spoken languages in the world. It would be really useful if it could be added to Duolingo


            I know Arabic already it's my language


            I would really like to learn Arabic seeing as it is becoming more and more influential in everyday life.


            It is a necessary language for those who want to be a global citizen :)


            Bump...Very interested in learning this language.


            it would be great to add Arabic Language since it is one of the strongest language worldwide.


            I'm also commenting to express interest in learning Arabic. The writing is so beautiful.


            i would love to do this course as my most of family member speak it but i can't lol =P


            I support the idea of adding Arabic language


            I would like to vote for a Arabic language course as well


            I've wanted to learn Arabic for a while but I'm struggling to find good resources online! Would love to see it added on Duolingo.


            Can we please have Arabic :(


            it's so weird actaully why arabic is not available on duolingo .it is an imprtant language spoken by more than 290 millions .i would be glad to help if the course would be established


            I'm very happy to see that number of peaple intersted in learning arbic , I'm an arabic native speaker and you're welcome


            I'm interested in learning arabic also!


            I would love to learn Arabic!! I was born and raised in an Arab country for 5 years but I know nothing about it and would love to learn the language.


            I would LOVE arabic on here but i think the problem with arabic specifically is that the writing is 1000% different from how it is spoken. Each dialect is sooo far apart. And it would be hard to teach the writing system and how each letter connects.


            As a native English speaker I have managed to learn the Arabic script including linking letters together, without too much trouble. People learn Arabic successfully, there's no reason it can't be done on Duolingo. I would like to see Modern Standard, but it could just as easily be Egyptian or Iraqi Arabic, or whatever. Depends who designs the course I guess. If you learn Californian or London English as a second language and then go to Glasgow, you won't understand anything till you've been there awhile. It's the same with many language dialects. You hopefully learn the most standard or neutral version, then pick up the peculiarities of a country's dialect when you go there.


            100% agree with you but I just think that it would require a lot of work to create the course and that is why nobody has done it yet haha.


            Wow. This request was made 2 years ago. Is there any updates on the Arabic course?


            Yeah I want to learn Arabic. Duolingo should add standard Arabic. I speak Spanish, English, and French and if I learn Arabic, it would help strengthen my fluency in Spanish.


            Arabic is hugely important in the world today, the vehicle for an enormously varied and rich culture. The only problem is the variants, from the Levant, to the Gulf, to Egypt, and then the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia). But a course on Modern Standard Arabic would be a good start


            yes, please add arabic


            Hi. Is there any progress on the Arabic course? I am very interested in learning MSA and Lebanese dialect.


            it would be so helpful in business, but also understanding what is going on in the middle east


            I wish they would add an Arabic course on Duolingo as well, to supplement my in person course. However, since they have yet to, I signed up for www.preply.com They have Skype tutors available for as low as $3/hour. My tutor is EXCELLENT and we meet 5 times a week to go through a cirriculum of writing, reading, speaking; I also get homework to review all week. I'd highly recommend the site. Also, memrise.com has some good tools for learning the Arabic alphabet.


            It is a beautiful language, along with the culture. Hope there will be a course soon..


            I agree, it would be really nice to have Arabic added to duolingo


            please add arabic!!!


            add arabic it's very Good language


            it is a amazing idea :D


            Please add arabic


            My dad is from Algeria and he knows 7 languages I need the Arabic course so I do not have to go back to actual Arabic school which sucks. I can read and write fluently and know a little but I do not understand or speak it. I have had the accent down since I was like 5. I need this course.


            I vote for Arabic! Whether it's MSA or a dialect or three, it would be a great study aid for those learning it elsewhere.


            I would love to learn Arabic or Farsi. Two languages that Baha'u'llah revealed writings in.


            If you still haven't found an alternate way to learn Arabic FSI language courses have an Arabic course, I do not know how good it is but the US government delveloped these courses and I know that the Swedish one is pretty good. They have the textbook and the tapes that go with the textbook for free on this site: https://fsi-languages.yojik.eu/

            I know I'm two years late but I hope that if this doesn't help you it will help someone else!


            If anyone here wants to learn Arabic in return to teach me English, should send me a message!


            ich unterstutze den arabischen


            till the web site make a courses for Arabic i make videos on YouTube and this is the first one حتي يقوم الموقع بوضع منهجا للغة العربية انا اصور فديوهات فى اليوتيوب وهذا اول واحد


            i will make more in the next days if you like my videos subscribe and follow my page on Facebook or in google+ you will find it by name "How to speak Arabic" سوف اقوم بعمل المزيد فى الايام القادمه واذا اعجبتكم فديوهاتي اشتركوا بالقناة او تابعوني على صفحتي فى فيس بوك او جوجل+ وسوف تجدونها بأسم " How to speak Arabic "


            arabic language is very important for a lot of people around the world


            Now it is obvious that this request is just a dead end for those who are seeking for this subject. because the creator of this request never reacts ever!


            Hello Mahmoud,

            It's irrelevant to the requester. This is kind of the official topic for Arabic requests. Whoever wants the course has to upvote here instead of creating a new topic. It's the staff move now to gather the needed resources to start this project.


            This thread was made 2 years ago and still no Arabic...


            Yeah, I know. I've been following this thread for about 5 months to read more comments of people who have been waiting for the Arabic course. I want to learn Arabic as well on Duolingo, although I don't see that happening in the near future in the English speakers course-but I am learning it anyways on other websites & books & various resources.


            It's just such a hard language to learn especially from the resources I've found. Doling makes languages easier and accessible to a lot of people, but I guess not for us.


            please make the arabic course possible!


            OH.... It is great .


            Yes me too - there is so much beautiful music to listen to in Arabic and I would like to understand the lyrics!


            du francais a l arabe ce serait vraiment bien !!!!!


            je serais interessee par l'apprentissage de la langue arabe , ce serait super , duo linguo m'apporte beaucoup pour rafraichir mon espagnol dont j'ai besoin pour un futur voyage au chili Le systeme me convient ....


            I'm interested too.


            I'm glad that everyone wanna learn Arabic it's a nice thing to do ;)


            I would really like this course to be integrated. It would be enjoyable to learn Arabic on this website.


            Please please please add Arabic!!!!


            Yes! I love the DuoLingo app, and would REALLY love to see an Arabic program!!!


            Arabic language is very beautiful and I hope everyone learns, she's really nice


            Easy to learn Arabic Language is not very easy, but it is good. There is an important need to know if I learned Arabic Language would be easy to talk in classical Arabic a few of them and the Arabs speak the language of classical Arab they will understand you if I spoke to them in Mandarin but will not be understanding if they talked with you because there are those who speak the dialect and the Syrian dialect and the Iraqi dialect Egyptian dialect UAE every Arab state has a special tone where there are some words differ radically different from the second State


            I would like to learn Its 1 out of 6 languages I want to learn


            اضف العربي


            Please add arabic!


            I would love to be able to learn Arabic! Please make it asap :)


            I would be interested in Arabic.


            I also would love to see Arabic - in particular Foos'ha dialect. This is the Queens English of Arabic.


            Hi everyone,

            It's wonderful that there are many who are passionate about Arabic language. Why don't we incubate it here. I can greatly contribute.


            Anyone interested in adding Arabic to the incubator. I would love to contribute. I am fluent in arabic and would like to share.


            Can I just add it. Sorry am new here. What is the process involved?


            You can apply to contribute. Hover your cursor over your username on the duolingo task bar, click on "Help," select "How can I suggest a new language course?" under "Incubator," then click "apply to contribute." Fill out the application there and they will reply to you by email. I'd contribute too, but I'm not sure if I'm fluent enough since I'm not a native speaker. Good luck! Shukran ya tayyib!


            Anyone else would like to join me on contribution.


            مشكورون على هذه المجهودات


            arabic please we all need it... Duolingo PLEASE


            Please add arabic would love to learn this language


            And another one who wants to learn arabic. It would be lovely if it were added!


            اصوت لبناء منهج اللغة العربية مع ان اللغة العربية من اصعب اللغات في العالم


            I support the Arabic language


            I would love to learn Arabic, seems like an awesome language to me. Really hard but fun!




            السلام عليكم! I also do hope that you Duolingo guys will add an Arabic course. I firmly believe there is both a big demand and a big community of Arabic speaking helpers. Let's remember that Arabic is one of the world languages, one of the UN languages, is spoken in many countries in Africa and Asia, and also is the language of the Koran, belonging to the "second strongest" religion, Islam.


            This course will very unlikely be like other courses in Duolingo, mainly because Arabic is a RTL (right-to-left) language. The issue lies on keyboard configuration and all. We would probably have to do all of our inputs through a "virtual keyboard" on the screen I suppose. I'm very curious on how they will pull this off.


            That actually will likely not be an issue. As someone who switches quite often between English and Arabic keyboards, I can tell you it is very simple to install an Arabic keyboard on Windows. Any issues there might be, I doubt Duolingo cannot resolve them considering there is already a Hebrew course available here (a language which is also written from right to left.) :)


            There is another problem: Arabic script is cursive.


            Not actually true! The letters are what they are, meaning there is only one form in which to write them, and they are connected automatically within words when writing with an Arabic keyboard typesetting. Totally different from Latin script, so it can be a bit deceiving but I assure you it is not as complicated as it looks.


            The alphabet was so much easier to learn than it looks. Someone told me it's the easiest part of learning Arabic - trufax


            yes it's a very good idea i'am with, good luck


            yes it'is a good idea i'm with, good luck


            Would love to learn Arabic, learned it on Rosetta Stone and would love to learn it here


            I too am interested in learning more Arabic. I have taken a month of fusha Arabic in Marrakesh and would like to maintain what I learned, en build on what is there still. I think it will be very useful to be able to speak it well.




            you know we at least just need to get arabic to the beta


            I would love to learn Arabic along with Hebrew. My father is a Messianic Jew and to learn Hebrew is great, but to have both Arabic and Hebrew, that would be amazing! Yes from me, please!


            I am looking to learn Arabic too! Please add.


            اتشرف بالتصويت لشيء زي كذا


            Please, make this real.


            Adding another vote for including an English to Arabic course.


            Hi. I would really love this language up here on duo - there is so much demand - but why is the progress for the Arabic for English speakers course so slow :( ?


            I am interesting leading Arbic language but I didn't get here


            arabic is more challenging than most languages. give me lingots


            Arabic is my first language and I think it is too hard and complex to learn on a programm such as duolingo


            Any language is too complex to learn by only using a program such as Duolingo, but it can at least help people learn the basics and serve as a learning supplement (at least for MSA).


            It would be soo great if you do that =))!


            Arabic is spoken by hundreds of millions of people. It should be on Duolingo.


            I REEEAALLY want to see this language added to the Incubator.


            i can help in build this course but how tell me and i'll help


            Still waiting for Arabic.. About 420 million people around the world speak Arabic, and it is the 6th most spoken language. It should be offered in this program.


            yesss i would like to learn Arabic too


            I am very interested in learning English. I want speak it. I want eny pursone speak with him


            It's already suspicious that there's still no Arabic...


            please add arabic its been years


            Arabic for me too please!


            I want to learn Arabic too. :-)


            I am not a native Arabic speaker but love this idea :)


            I think that 3 years of not yet addressing an Arabic for English speakers course in the incubator means the following:

            1- The diglossia never-ending debate, which brings us to point no. 2.

            2- The course structure hasn't gathered any unified agreeableness; I, nevertheless, don't find any discussion about what should the course structure be, although we can find some comments make suggestions.

            [If you want to discuss what the course structure should be you can see this discussion

            https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20043302 ]

            3- The course tree is expected to have more skills and checkpoints than any other existed course here, meaning that it needs more resources and technical effort, and maybe, new incentives (like Doulingo's Clubs) to make users more likely to still being active with the course.


            Note: the English for Arabic speakers course graduated from beta.


            I'll teach you Arabic.....if you want


            I WANT TO LEARN TOO please


            Yes! Please! Duolingo needs to be more than just European languages! I would Loooove to Learn Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Taglog, ASL, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, etc. People should broaden their horizons!


            I am very interested in learning Arabic! Very sad it isn't here yet, but hopefully it will be soon! In the meantime, I'll be learning on my own...


            we are waiting for an arabic course on duolingo, there is already a russian course for english speakers which also uses a different alphabet from latin. so i think arabic letters will not be a big issue for duolingo. i prefer modern standart arabic, not egyptian or moroccan dialects.


            i hope that you add the arabic language because it a language beautiful very


            I would love to see MSA/Arabic for English speakers! Especially right now as communicating with the Islamic and Middle Eastern world is important...

            If you know MSA and can contribute to development, PLEASE CONTINUE to contact them. Maybe the more interest/requests they get, the more they will move the idea forward ^^


            I'm quite interested in arabic too.



            I agree. Arabic is a major world language, used by many speakers of one of the world's major world religions. It is also a beautiful language that has a huge body of poetry and literature to its name. It was, after all, the language of the scholars who contributed greatly to the development of algebra. It was the discovery of ancient Arabic texts in the cities of Cordoba and Toledo that, in part, brought Europe out of the Dark Ages. There should definitely be an Arabic language course added to Duolingo.


            I would love to learn Arabic since I have many friends from the Middle East


            Please add Arabic for English speakers! Arabic is my second major in college but the way it has been taught is sooo different from the way I've learned other languages. The way Duolingo works really helps remind me of the basics of a language and strengthen some of the foundation. I've been utilizing the learning English for Arabic speakers but it just isn't the same! Please create this course


            Not only is Arabic a beautiful language, it's very helpful for getting a job. I know the US Government (and I'm sure others as well) are constantly seeking Arabic language analysts.


            Also interested!!! Duolingo needs more non-European courses!!!


            Does anyone know oif there is a projected timeline for when this might come out? The English for Arabic speakers has been out for ages!


            Currently there is no plan to add Arabic. there are a few reasons from what I gathered:

            • There are many dialects of Arabic, they don't want to choose one over another. There is of course Modern Standard Arabic but that is not used in daily speech at all. Some say that MSA is to Arabic as Shakespeare is to English.

            • The Arabic script is not as straight-forward as the Latin or Cyrillic alphabets. each letter has up to 4 different forms depending on its place in a word (initial, median, final, or isolated). the Arabic script is similar to cursive writing, so imagine learning English only with cursive writing. If that wasn't enough, the Arabic script is an Abugida, meaning (overly simplified) that most of the vowels are not written. This makes the Arabic script harder to learn.

            • Arabic grammar is very complicated. It's quite similar to Hebrew (Which does have a Duolingo course) with lots of inflections and conjugations, based on gender, possession, 1/2/3 person, singular and plural, and so on. This is even more complicated than Hebrew grammar.

            Hebrew is also an Abugida and has a terrible grammar system, but it has a single spoken dialect and the forms of the letters does not change. Its grammar is also a little simpler and so this is why there is an Hebrew course but there will not be an Arabic course in the near future.


            Please give me Arabic


            أنا هنا لأيت مساعدة في إنشاء المحتوى العربي، أو حتى لمن يريد تعلم اللغة العربية عن طريقة الدردشة، مرحبا بالكل.


            would love to learn arabic, please and thank you!


            please add Arabic I am trying to learn five languages and I want this to be one


            +1. add me to the list of people who want an arabic course. I would like to learn it as my first difficult language after i conquer esperanto spanish and french. I would prefer arabic instead of going to mandarin or Russian. Also I'm going to start a new page for irish gaelic. there is beautiful poetry we are missing in the irish language.


            How do we vote for the course? Just by giving a lingot?


            write here only or i think so


            I would love it if you had Arabic! My parents speak French and Arabic, I would love to add Arabic to my French courses on here!


            YEEESSS! I NEED to learn arabic!!!! My family is from Lebanon, and I really want to learn the language so that I can talk with my cousins. They are to lazy to teach me :)


            i like Arabic too! :D


            j'aimerais beaucoup apprendre l'arabe. Est-il possible de créer un cours d'arabe. merci d'avance


            tu veux apprendre l'arabe? je vais vous aider مرحبا بك c'est mon fecbook "abdlatif laasri" parce que je veux apprendre plus francais ☺


            I would love to learn some Arabic. My best friend is from Yemen and I'll surprise him one day.


            which arabic? there are many dialects and forms of arabic.


            Modern Standard is likely what everyone is thinking of.


            Why would you assume "everyone" is thinking the same thing? If I had to guess I'd say about a third want to learn MSA, about a third split between varying dialects, and about a third aren't thinking either way because they aren't aware about the Arabic dialect situation, they just think "yeah, Arabic! That sounds cool!"

            I'd prefer them to put a variety of courses for different dialects but that's obviously not gonna happen so they should so MSA because the plurality will undoubtedly want that over any individual dialect.


            ممكن اعرف هدا تطبيق


            i also really want to learn arabic and i am disappointed that i can not find one if there is one that i missed please tell me


            It will be great if there's a course Arabic!


            I would also like to see this added


            يسرنا اهتمامكم بلغتنا وسوف نكون مساهمين في نشرها لكم


            Great how so many people have interest in Arabic! Too bad that Duolingo doesn't seem to have any interest in Arabic.


            Would also love to see an Arabic course.


            I would love to learn both arabic and hebrew, either from english or spanish


            Same here, hopefully they have it available soon. Thank you for responding.


            I'm with you, I just asked this on another thread and got some good replies worth checking out. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22472742$comment_id=22476231


            For some reason I like learning difficult languages such as Chinese. I stumbled upon this site and found it to be very useful. I believe that learning Arabic would be fun. And if it is added on this site, I believe that would make it even more fun, second only to learning it with a human teacher. Thanks!


            In addition to a Modern Standard Arabic course, can we have an Egyptian Arabic course too?


            Arabic on Duolingo is long overdue!


            For those who want to learn Standard Arabic, there is a lady on YouTube that teaches Arabic-LearnArabicwithMaha. She is a native speaker and I have found her lessons to be helpful.


            When can we expect this to roll out? I'm an arab who needs to get back to reading arabic :(




            actually , Arabic program is not done properly here I am a native Arabic speaker , but in fact you can get some benefits here


            IT IS A GREAT IDEA


            Please, please, please bring Duolingo's ease of learning to modern Arabic! Especially the dialect spoken in Iraq (since that is where much of our news about the Middle East is, and since that is where many of our service persons are stationed). Peace through language! :-)


            Please add Arabic. I am interested in Hijazi Arabic especially, but standard Arabic would be just as appreciated! Thank you!


            Yes we do need Arabic , Strongly support. and thanks to all of you who are supporting this.


            I would like to add my vote for modern standard Arabic (MSA). Or at least levantine or Egyptian Arabic (the dialects with the most native speakers) It's not just that it's an interesting or beautiful language (which it is) but that it opens up a huge door for being able to talk with a large part of the world. Hope it gets started soon.


            I am an Arab girl. I wish to add Arabic language so that all foreigners can learn it because it is a beautiful language and easy to learn


            I'm trying to teach myself Arabic (specifically Egyptian Arabic) and would LOVE a Duolingo course to supplement my learning!


            I would also love to see arabic on Duolingo!! Is there any update about the course yet??


            I would love to learn arabic. I hope they add this course soon.


            duolingo why this keeps so long?


            i am suggest language arabic


            The Arabic language is wonderful and fun. Thank you DUOLINGO for everything


            arabic is wonderfull thing i am Algerian


            I would definitely learn Arabic if Duolingo were to make it possible :)


            Would love to learn Arabic! Very interested in Semitic languages as a whole but Arabic just strikes me as the most useful and practical of them.


            me too I am from palestein and trying to learn the language


            tha sounds interesting many people like to learn my first language good luck for u all


            i totally hope duolingo will add it


            hi mates , if you want to learn arabic feel free to contact me.I'm ready to teach you.You don't need to pay me anything just be ready to learn it. Cheers , my fb https://www.facebook.com/youness.maroc.98


            Yes, I too am keen to see Arabic added. It's in the top 5 most spoken world languages so seems a glaring omission from the duolingo suite. Any ideas if it's going to be added and why it hasn't been to date?


            I think that since Arabic is a language spoken in multiple countries and many arabic speakers live in our western world it is only reasonable to teach it to the people who want to learn it, like me :)


            I'd love to learn arabic as well! Please, is there the possibility of adding it in your courses?


            I'm up for it too!


            I am going to be taking an Arabic language course at my university in the fall. It would be wonderful if Duolingo had a course to help me prep and study. Thank you.


            Give us Arabic please! Thank you.


            I shall strongly recommend new course English-Arabic, as it would serve lot of people desiring spoken Arabic language. This must be started by Duolingo.


            I am desperate to learn MSA! I am considering taking an Arabic course at a local university this autumn, but I would really love to be able to practice on Duolingo too!


            We need Arabic on Duolingo!


            I would really love to see a course added for Arabic (MSA, specifically).


            I agree! Please add Arabic! I'm currently learning it using Rosetta Stone, but I would love to get additional practice on Duolingo since I learn a lot using the program and enjoy practicing on my phone from anywhere.


            Would love to have Arabic as a course, please allow people to contribute Duo!!!!


            It will be cool to have Arabic on Duolingo


            I would definitely love an arabic course.


            Arabic is my native language , I'll be happy for adding them to Duolingo


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            When making discussion comments anywhere on Duolingo, please remember to follow the Community Guidelines. Violating the guidelines could get your account banned or even removed completely. So, let's all pitch in to create a safer more supportive learning environment by following the guidelines. Thanks!


            I'm a bit shocked this hasn't been selected, yet. Definitely gets my vote!


            why there is no duolingo arabic course?


            We are still wating for the Arabic course for English speakers!


            yeah we should learn it. To screw muslim up, when they arrive in our countries and try to kill everyone. We should learn it. To tell them "die" when they come over and destroy everything like locusts. coz that's just whats they serve for.


            All the languages and names of the things like tree animal human war peace etc. are descended from God, no human can create a whole language with its grammatical rules, this is why I learn as many languages as I can. This is what I learned from Islam, this religion helped the humanity with the knowledge of chemistry, astronomy, biology, life and much more. Learn and open your heart. STOP the hatred.


            Me and my family were going to live in Oman, Jordan for a year and learn Arabic, but sadly it didn't work out. But I really, really want to learn it!!

            [deactivated user]

              Arabic is super similar to Persian which I can send you a link to learn.


              Although they are in two different languages families.

              [deactivated user]

                They use most of the same alphabet and share a lot of phrases.


                I know, Arabic got it's alphabet from the Persian alphabet. But they are still in different language families. Arabic is Afro-Asiatic, while Farsi is Indo-European.


                You are more correct in this discussion. They are from completely different families, giving them different grammar, syntax, morphology etcetera.

                Also, Farsi takes its Alphabet from Arabic (more letters in the former) and also borrows a significant amount of vocabulary (especially verbal nouns) but that's where the similarities stop.

                I would not recommend learning Farsi only to come around to Arabic later - not even when learning the Alphabets; as I said Farsi has more letters and those that are similar are pronounced differently.


                actually .. Persian got its alphabet from Arabic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persian_alphabet


                Arabic's sub-family is "semitic." Which includes Hebrew.

                [deactivated user]

                  I'm familiar with all of this, but Farsi seems to be extremely similar to the Romance languages, making it great for getting into Arabic, Urdu, and other languages with that alphabet when you speak something Germanic or Romantic.


                  No. Persians got their alphabet from Arabic, not the other way around.


                  Whether or not it is pure Arabic, Andrealphus, I appreciate the gesture to send some information about a similar language along. I'll take it, thanks.


                  I guess that would make sense, and I think you mean the "Latin" alphabet.

                  [deactivated user]

                    That was what I was referring to, but I don't know all of the languages that use that alphabet and for all I know some are totally different from that and would be more similar to more Semetic stuff.


                    Oddly enough, Vietnamese uses the Latin alphabet, though it has a lot more diacritics than most due to the fact that, as an Asian language, tonality is important. This is one of the reasons I'd prefer to learn Vietnamese before Chinese if possible.

                    [deactivated user]

                      Romanji is just Japanese with our lettering. This is very interesting and I'm going to start begging my Vietnamese friends to contribute to the incubator.


                      I'm so glad to see someone interested in my language. I hope Vietnamese course will be on Incubator soon.


                      Vietnamese used to use Chinese characters (as did Korean). They changed and the change has been a great boon to literacy in both countries.

                      Interestingly, there are still people in Korea who want to go back to writing Korean with chinese characters (they call them hanja) and the hanja are still taught in Korean schools.



                      Indeed. Hán-tự is becoming less and less common in Vietnam society nowadays. Although we appreciate its value by preserving poems, literature works in Hán, only language experts, or scholars would have the ability to write and interpret it. Rarely there is teaching of it in schools.

                      [deactivated user]

                        Does Vietnamese use the Latin alphabet like English uses the Latin alphabet or does it use the Latin alphabet like Romanji in Japanese?


                        Hi, I'm Vietnamese and I can say that we use the Latin alphabet more like the French or Spanish way (extremely similar pronounciation for each letter). Plus, we use additional accent marks, or diacritics: /, \, ~, .,?

                        For instance: sắc, huyền, ngã, nặng, hỏi (pay attention to the small accent over or under vowel).

                        And we have additional letter with accent. For example, there are three kinds of "a" letter: a, ă, â, or there are two kinds of "d" letter: d or đ. Each of them form different sounds and can be combined with four diacritics above to form a word.

                        In my opinion, French, Portuguese, Spanish or Italian speakers will be more familiar with our alphabet than English. In fact, the "additional letter" like ă, ơ, ê, ư always cause trouble for foreign learner, regardless of their language background :)


                        Thank you, ckhadung. As my classroom consists of predominantly native Vietnamese speakers, we have writing in Vietnamese all over our center and I am aware of the challenges in pronunciation (I once tried to phonetically read a book in Vietnamese to my students, to great laughter from the class, and for a long time, whenever we passed by the restaurant next door I was pronouncing the word "phơ" wrong without realizing it).

                        This is why I used the qualifier "relatively." Relative to Japanese or Chinese, Vietnamese is in fact easily interpretable by English speakers. It's good to know that my Spanish will actually serve me well in helping me to interpret it even better.

                        Have you put an application in to the incubator to contribute to a Vietnamese course? I know a lot of ESL learners that could benefit from a Vietnamese --> English Duolingo course.


                        From what I just looked up about Romanji (which, if I'm not mistaken, is like Chinese pinyin?), it is not like that. Unlike Japanese, which uses logographic kanji and syllabic kana, Vietnamese uses a strictly phonetic written language that is actually relatively easily interpretable by English speakers. I found this picture of the alphabet online:

                        Vietnamese Alphabet ( http://talk.onevietnam.org/evolution-or-loss-of-language/ )


                        Hi revdolphin, I appreciate your interest in our language. Yes I did apply for Incubator and they put me on waitlist. Now we just have to wait. I wonder if there is other Vietnamese using Duo because I've never seen one.

                        As being said, Vietnamese language is somehow easy to interpret because we use the sentence order just like Spanish or French :) (not completely the same though).

                        To put it simple, sentence structure would be: S + V + O (like English) and Noun + Adjectives (like French/Spanish). And the pronounciation is quite the same with Spanish (we Vietnamese find it easy to speak Spanish/French/Italian...) than to speak English.

                        So, yes, your Spanish skill can be useful to interpret Vietnamese.


                        A link would be awesome, A!


                        Hi Marc_Roland, what link are you looking for?


                        Andrealphus mentioned a link for learning some Persian :-)

                        [deactivated user]

                          http://www.easypersian.com/ and http://www.linguanaut.com/english_farsi.htm are both useful resources. I'd suggest using both since they cover things in different methods.


                          Ah, thank you man, much appreciated!


                          wow you got so much followers


                          Not at all. Arabic sounds very different to Persian.


                          That's why Persian is an Indo-European language, and Arabic is a Semitic language (just the alphabet is the same). So, Persian looks like Europa's languages, and Arabic as Middle East languages.


                          Arabic has different sounds, but it's really similar to Persian.I am a Persian speaker and Arabic is easier than english for us.generally, I think Persian is easier than Arabic for english speakers


                          Andrea - Farsi/Persian is closer to English than to Arabic due to having the same origins as English.


                          well, don't want to be negative but it is NOT AT ALL close to Arabic, we use the (almost) same alphabet but at this point it's like saying French and Italian are the same.

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