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"Are there many Kurds in Turkey?"

Translation:Türkiye'de çok Kürt var mı?

February 5, 2016



Why isn't birçok accepted?


I am learning Turkish too, so I am not quite sure, but I think birçok only can be used here in the case that there is following a second part of the sentence, such as: Türkiye'de birçok Kürt Türkiye'nin batısında yaşar. Otherwise you will have to use "çok". May anybody correct me If I am wrong.


Why isn't birçok accepted?


Why is it not "Kürtler"?? Thanks in advance :)


we use always singular after "çok" (also after numbers, most things indicating plurality actually)


Ah ok i get it now, thanks!


Why isn't Turkiye'de Kurtler cok mi correct? Doesn't var/yok only apply to objects and not to people?


Var/yok applies to people as well. I can think of 3 reasons why your answer is marked incorrect:

1) You wrote "mi" instead of "mu"

2) The answer is forgotten to be added.

3) The alternative translation is not as natural/idiomatic as the original. It is certainly understood but deep down it may not even be grammatically correct, I'm not sure. The original sentence represents basically how this is normally asked.


OK, thank you very much!


Is "Turkiye'de cok Kurt var" not acceptable? If not, why not?


That is not a question. You forgot the question particle "var mi". You are saying "There are many Kürds in Turkey", you are not asking if there are many.

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