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  5. "Do you want a Welsh school?"

"Do you want a Welsh school?"

Translation:Dych chi eisiau ysgol Gymraeg?

February 5, 2016



yes i will have the entire school please


Is that a school made in Wales or a school that teaches Welsh?

...or is it made from Welshmen?


I believe that an ysgol Gymraeg would be a Welsh-language school while an ysgol Gymreig would be one from Wales.


Why is this chi and not chi'n ? In what situations do we do or do not add in the "yn"


You don't use yn before eisiau/isio (and also not before angen) - those are not proper verbs but act a bit like them.

Use yn before real verbs (e.g. Dw i'n mynd "I am going")

Also use yn before predicate adjectives or nouns (e.g. Dw i'n dew "I am fat")


Why not 'Rwyt ti'n eisio???'


Because eisiau (isio, etc.) doesn't take yn. (Its grammar is a bit odd since it's really a noun rather than a verb, as I understand it.)

Also, "rwyt" with its r- is used in positive statements but not, I believe, in questions (or in negative statements) -- there, you need "wyt ti?". (And negative would be "dwyt ti ddim", among other forms.)


Why has the C mutated to a G?


Because ysgol is feminine - adjectives after feminine nouns mutate softly.

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