"Dyma Sioned nawr."

Translation:Here is Sioned now.

February 5, 2016

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Could it be translated 'Sioned is now here' and, if not, is the syntax significant?


Dyma literally translates to "Here is...", So yes in this instance the order is important.

"Mae Sioned nawr yn yma", at least according to machine translation and some guesswork as I'm also a learner, translates to "Sioned is now here"


Splinters a hole in the door with an axe, and sticks face through while grinning maniacally: "Dymaaaa Sioned!"


Is this something one says when one sees someone in Welsh?


You might say it if you've been waiting anxiously for someone to arrive. Then perhaps you see their car pull up outside and they get out. At which point you could turn to the person beside you and say, "Dyma Sioned nawr!" much as you might say, "Here's Janet now!" in English in the same situation.


Exactly, that's how I've used it (in English). Also, 'Here he is now' - (Dyma fe nawr)


Not really it's just a way of teaching the word Dyma.


Thanks. It has that weird look that local idiomatic expressions sometimes have, so I thought it might be one.


well you could use it to introduce a person, but really the last time I saw it used like that was in a kids book, otherwise "Dyma" is a pretty useful word.


Yeah, it seems like the kind of word that usually gets introduced in the first couple of chapters, so you can make sentences without really knowing how to use verbs, like voila in French, ecco in Italian, and BOT in Russian.


That's how I'd use it, yes


Can't it be translated as Sioned is here now? If not, why not?


See previous answer - dyma is specifically a demonstrative verb, 'This is ...' or 'Here is...'.


Boo... It did reach me it... In previous lessons... That's why thought it could be written as the much more excited SIONED IS HERE NOW! WE CAN FINALLY PLAY! Oh well.


Is there a reason I can't use rŵan instead of nawr here?


What's wrong withe here's sioned now though. Same as here is surely.


Duo is not handling apostrophes properly at the moment. If we put "Here's..." in the database, Duo tends to use it suggest "Here has..." as a possible answer even when it is obviously wrong in the particular context.


My first time through I tried "Sioned is here now" because that sounds right. It's not accepted.

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