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  5. "I want a small white star."

"I want a small white star."

Translation:Dw i eisiau seren fach wen.

February 5, 2016



Is the order necessarily "fach wen" or can you also say "wen fach"?


IT should definitely be "Fach wen" but I can't think of the reason why.


Is this always true for a description, why is there a particuar order it must be in?


In "Modern Welsh: Comprehensive Grammar", Gareth King says:

"In adjective sequences of the type 'big red bus' or 'dear little creatures', Welsh is more consistent than English, preferring always to place the size term closest to the noun: bws mawr coch, creaduriaid bach annwyl."


why is it 'wen'? i tried 'seren gwyn fach' & it was marked incorrect.


gwyn is one of the handful of adjectives that has a separate masculine and feminine form: masculine gwyn, feminine gwen.

And since adjectives after a feminine noun undergo soft mutation, gwen changes to wen after the feminine noun seren; thus, seren wen.

Have a look again at the Tips and Notes for the Colours lesson: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/cy/Colours

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