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"Mae Hefin a Ceri Lingo wedi priodi."

Translation:Hefin and Ceri Lingo are married.

February 5, 2016



What a story!

Hefin loves Gareth, but he is married to Ceri Lingo. And Alys is marrying Gareth today.


But Alys is already married to Sioned!


Hi! For some reason, I thought that "a" causes (if possible) aspirate mutation in the following word. Is that not true? If it is, why isn't it "Hefin a Cheri"? Thanks!


People's names don't mutate (thankfully)


Is this a past tense verb?


You could say "they have married", using a verb in the present perfect, but in English, I think it's more common to say that "they are married", using an adjective (or the past participle of the verb as an adjective).

A bit like we'd say "The door is closed" more commonly than "The door has closed" or "The door has been closed" -- those focus on the action, while "The door is closed" (and "they are married") focusses on the continuing state that is the result of that past action.


I had interpreted this (wrongly, I guess) as "they were married." My wife and I, for instance, were married in 1995 (a simple past passive, I think). We are still married (a present passive), and have been married for twenty years (what is that, a present perfect passive?).


It helps to remember that "wedi" literally means "after". And usually I read most dictionary forms of verbs as the "-ing" form.

So "Mae Hefin a Ceri Lingo wedi priodi" would be "Hefin and Ceri Lingo are after marrying."


That really does help. Thank you. I always find that knowing the nonsensical literal translation helps me understand it.


Also, “wedyn” is in some of the Duolingo Welsh exercises — meaning “afterwards”.


My experience of marriage is never passive - that what makes it fun! Llongyfarchiadau ar eich Priodas Arian blwyddyn hyn hefyd!


So 'wedi priodi' is the same construction as 'wedi blino'? Dw i wedi blino = I am tired, with 'wedi blino' becoming adjectival in meaning, rather than verbal.


So what IS the difference betwixt 'yn briod' and wedi priodi?

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