I would love to see Duolingo add Latin.

Due to the historical influence Latin has on many other languages, I would love for Duolingo to add a Latin course. I understand it is a dead language but, because of the many words that Latin shares with other languages I believe it would be a popular course. Additionally, Latin was a language spoken by many American Founding Fathers and was taught as a key subject in universities across the world. Latin would be very useful in the education of many young people around the world. For these reasons, I would love to see a course to learn the Latin language from English.

February 5, 2016


Latin is probably one of the top 2 or 3 most-requested languages; I'm sure Duolingo has heard us.

February 5, 2016

This post should be in the Duolingo in English forum, not the troubleshooting forum.

February 5, 2016

Additionally, Latin was a language spoken by many American Founding Fathers


February 5, 2016
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Oh, that would be great! I could really do with some freshening up of my Latin.

February 6, 2016

I agree! As a friend of many homeschooled families, Latin is on top for learning before most other languages due to that very significance (at least in this area). I think it'd be great for both those wanting to just re-learn or pick up the language, and those learning in an educational setting. I know a significant number of homeschoolers would benefit as well if Latin were presented in the easy format Duolingo provides for the many other language courses.

February 8, 2016
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