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  5. "твоя задача"

"твоя задача"

Translation:your problem

February 5, 2016



Can задача also mean assignment?


I think so. It can also mean task, goal and other words like these.


Can "твоя задача" be used in the flexible sense of 'your problem' in English (i.e. to express that someone messed things up), or it always refers to a literal, clearly circumscribed task/challenge?


Is there any difference between «задача» and «проблема» in this context?

[deactivated user]

    Проблема is something that is not good, 'a trouble'. Задача is something to be done, 'a task'.

    Both can be translated as 'problem' in English, but in Russian they are very different things.


    It sounds like задача is more accurately a challenge than I problem? But both times I've translated as challenge it's been counted as wrong.

    [deactivated user]

      I think it's closer to 'task' (or 'problem' when it doesn't have a negative meaning).

      'Challenge' is pretty hard to translate in Russian, we just don't have a concept that is similar enough. I tend to translate 'challenge' as «сложная, но интересная задача» ('difficult, but interesting task'), although in most cases I try to re-word sentences using 'challenge' so that they don't use this concept.


      I'm just going to let задача mean task.. Проблема is going to mean problem, and задание is going to mean assignment.


      Thank you жаба but challenge is suggested by DL but not accepted


      For some reason when you put " You're problem" it says that is incorrect? But when you put " Your problem" in English it says that is the correct translation.... -_-


      your = belonging or pertaining to you; you're = you are Examples: "This is your problem, the one the teacher assigned to you. You're smart, so you'll (= you will) be able to solve it."


      The opening to "Mission Impossible"


      In English, expressing this idea would be, to list a few examples "Your 'dillema, objective, exercise, reason, challenge, hurdle, difficult situation.. etc."


      Does it only mean "it's a task for you"? Or could it also mean "it's your problem, none of my business"?

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