"This tomato is good."

Translation:Ten pomidor jest dobry.

February 5, 2016



How do you know when to use ten, tę and any other form of "this"??

February 5, 2016

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The pronoun (and adjective) must be fitted to the gender and grammatical case of the noun it relates to. The case used in phrase is ruled by the verb: each verb requires a given case, and there are some verbs that require one of two cases, each case giving a different meaning to the phrase. For example "być" [to be] requires nominative case, or "dać" [to give] requires accusative case.

  • Ten (pronoun fitted to male, singular, nominative case) pomidor (male gander, singular, nominative case) JEST dobry (adjective fitted to male gender, singular, nominative case). [This tomato is good]

  • Ta (fitted to female, singular, nominative case) koszula (koszula is female gender noun in nominative case) JEST ładna (adjective fitted to female gender, singular, nominative case). [This shirt is nice].

  • DAJ mi tego (fitted to male, singular, accusative case) dobrego (fitted to male, singular, accusative case) pomidora (male, singular, accusative case). [Give me (the/this/that) good tomato]

  • DAJ mi tę (fitted to female, singular, accusative case) ładną (fitted to female, singular, accusative case) koszulę (female, singular, accusative case). [Give me (the/this/that) nice shirt]

Please consult also the table of pronouns in polish with their declension and different genders.

February 5, 2016


Really good explanation thanks .

October 4, 2018


If "this" describes a noun ten/ta/to etc has to match noun's gender, case and number.

If this is unspecified one thing you use different cases of "to", if these are unspecified things you use variants of te

If this means this one you use ten/ta/to agreeing with gender of a thing you discuss.


February 5, 2016
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