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  5. "Do you like the owl?"

"Do you like the owl?"

Translation:Dych chi'n licio'r dylluan?

February 5, 2016



Da iawn. The first time I come across "gwdihw+" is during the "mark all correct sentences" task. Something's not right. Someone nice is going to tell me now 'yea, that's an owl too'?


Indeed, that's an owl, too :)

The "mark all correct sentences" exercises often seem to be ways to expose us to variations in vocabulary and grammar as well.

I believe that gwdihŵ is a southern word. It comes from the sound the animals make :)


Yeah gwdihŵ is a south walian word.


So, Should I Use Dylluan Or Wdihŵ?


Either tylluan or gwdihŵ. (Both are feminine nouns.)

The 'standard' word is tylluan, but the dialect word gwdihŵ is used as well, especially in parts of south Wales.


Yes, was this to introduce us to licio? Why can't we choose hoffi here?


They both mean the same and both are widely used all over Wales. Both are accepted for 'liking' throughout this course.


thank you. I see someone else wrote that licio seems to be more an informal, which also makes sense, where hoffi is more formal, so it will be good for me to learn both.

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