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  5. "We are showing your animals."

"We are showing your animals."

Translation:My pokazujemy wasze zwierzęta.

February 5, 2016



Does this mean "We are showing your animals [something]." or "We are showing your animals [to someone]."? Or both?


The second one. The animals are in Accusative, so they are the direct object.

If we were showing something to the animals, the animals would need to be in Dative: Pokazujemy (coś) waszym zwierzętom.


I got this sentence in practice, but I haven't learned this word yet :S


In pronouncing "pokazujemy" is the stress in the 2nd last syllable (as is the general rule), or because its a verb with a 2-syllable ending, is the stress in the 3rd last syllable, so it stresses the "u", like the singular conjugations of the verb?

(I guess this also applies to "pokazujecie & pokazujają" as well thanks


The accent is on the second-to-last syllable: pokazujemy.

You are right however that in some forms of the verb the accent moves to third-to-last or fourth to last syllable. These are:

  • 1st and 2nd person plural past tense ('pokazywaliśmy', 'pokazywaliście) - 3rd syllable from the end
  • past tense conditional mood ('pokazywałbym', 'pokazywałbyś', 'pokazywałby' etc.) - 3rd syllable from the end
  • past tense 1st or 2nd person plural AND conditional mood ('pokazywalibyśmy', 'pokazywalibyście') - 4th syllable from the end


Would 'twoja' be correct as well?


The right form is "twoje", as "zwierzęta" are plural.

"twoja" is feminine, and it is not an Accusative form - while "pokazywać" takes Accusative for the object shown.


Pokazujemy nasze zwierzęta (without "my") is also correct solution in common, spoken language

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