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  5. "Dych chi wedi mynd?"

"Dych chi wedi mynd?"

Translation:Have you gone?

February 5, 2016



Would "did you go?" also be acceptable? Was graded wrong in an earlier answer


That's simple past, for which Welsh has a different form.


Just be aware that in UK English the perfect is more common too, so the translations will reflect that. What sounds better in Welsh and UK English with a perfect *Dych chi wedi mynd? "Have you gone?" might sound more natural in US English with a simple past "Did you go?".


I was not graded wrong on this. Should I not use it that way anyways?


I'd stick to Dych chi wedi mynd? for "Have you gone?" (perfect tense) and Aethoch chi? for "Did you go?" (simple past tense).

Just be aware though, that where a perfect tense is normal in Welsh and British English, sometimes American English can use a simple past:

W Dych chi wedi codi eto?

BrE "Have you got up yet?"


AmE "Did you get up yet?"


Thanks. I'm American, so the distinction was confusing me a bit.


Yeah, "Have you gone?" and "Did you go?" can mean very different things in English...


Nah, you'd use "o'ch chi'n mynd?" or "naethoch chi fynd" for something like that.


Wnaethoch chi fynd? yeah, but O'ch chi'n mynd? is "Were you going?" or "Did you used to go?".


The only situation I can think of where anyone would use this is over the phone.


Why is "have you been?" accepted sometimes but not others? I can think of only one situation in which I'd use the English phrase "have to you gone?", but in situations where in Welsh one would say "Dych chi wedi mynd i'r tarfarn?" in English I would say "have you been to the pub?" or "Did you go to the pub?", but never "have you gone to pub?" as it's like asking "Are you asleep?" You'll never get a truthful yes! (On the phone I'd ask "are you at the pub?"). I would use it in the 3rd person though.

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