"Hefin ydy'r priodfab"

Translation:Hefin is the bridegroom

February 5, 2016

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All this time I thought "Hefin" was a female name. :|


"Hefina" is the female form of "Hefin"


I did too. Not a common Welsh name. I asked my friends and they hadn't heard of a Hefin. One old lady said it was an "old fashoned man's name more from the north." So you live and learn.


I'm regularly served by Hefin when I buy animal food and faem supplies. He's a bloke.


Is the word bridegroom still used in English in Wales? That is not a term we use in the U.S. these days.


It's always helpful to use English that relates to the Welsh, and bridegroom is obviouslyrelated to priodfab.

In the days when horses were common, grooms would be too. So you would need the bride bit to distinguish the priodfab from the person looking after the horses. These days that is less of a problem and I guess that is why the bridegroom is increasingly being called the groom.


It's usually abbreviated to "groom" in speech and casual writing, but it's still use used in more formal reports of weddings.


Why is this not "Mae Hefin ydy'r priodfab", please?


Because it's emphatic. You don't use the "Mae" in this case because "ydy" is the verb. You could say, "Mae Hefin yn briodfab," (Hefin is a bridegroom), but to make it clear that the bridegroom is Hefin you say, "Hefin ydy'r priodfab."


Lovely, thank you.

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