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Learning Welsh

Love the new Welsh course.....but.....Not sure why the first lesson on present tenses switched mid way from hoffi (south wales) to likeo (north wales) then back to hoffi?????????

February 5, 2016



Both hoffi and lico/licio/leicio are widely used all over Wales, so it is probably as well to come across them both early on.


The course introduces words from both dialects, this often means multiple choice questions are tough since there are so many ways to say something. Often words you've never seen before will appear and you've got to guess whether it's an incorrect word or just another regional way to say something. It seems the course itself has more of a South Wales influence, but i'm not really sure. When answering, you should be able to use either (licio or hoffi). If it doesn't accept it, report it.


Thank you both for answering. It makes more sense now.

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