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I want to see Catalan in my list of languages

I am an English speaker and I see the languages I can see the languages I am learning in a single list EXCEPT for Catalan (because the source language is Spanish rather than English). It is annoying to have to switch my native language setting in order to access Catalan.

Please add the functionality to allow me to see all the languages I am learning in a single list regardless of the source language.

February 5, 2016

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There is a browser add-on that I use called DuoLingo Course Switcher. It is not perfect but it makes it a lot easier to switch between courses with different base languages.


I'd be happy if I could just get Catalan on my phone!


Catalan is still in Beta, which means that they are busy correcting errors. Once they get below a certain number of daily error reports for a whole week (I think), Catalan will graduate out of Beta. At that point the developers will add it to the mobile apps.

See Xavi's update from 3 days ago: 25.000 (Vint-i-cinc mil)



Just so you know - this has already been requested endless times, Duo team doesn't seem to care.


Add this in your bookmarks bar for a fast change :D


or this other one wth all the courses:


Aprende catalán en solo 5 minutos diarios. Completamente gratis.