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When I add the link to join my class, it goes to my personal account instead of my classrooms.

What should I do to get them into the classrooms? I copied the link and posted the link in a class page on itslearning. The link takes them directly to my personal page instead of the class page. They can get to the class page as long as I am signed in, by clicking the schools link, but if I sign out of my account, the link takes them to a "create profile page." What am I doing wrong?

February 5, 2016

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You are doing nothing wrong, it seems to be a misunderstanding of how the system works. You have a Duolingo account, and you can sign in to schools.duolingo.com with the same account. You can then create a classroom and invite your students to join it by sharing the link that is created. Your students will then click on it. If you are all sharing a device, make sure you sign out first. When then click on the link, they will be prompted to create their own Duolingo accounts. This is necessary in order for them to join your classroom. Each student needs their own free Duolingo account. After they sign up, a pop-up will ask if they allow you to track their progress. They should click yes and automatically join your classroom. They will not see anything different, and can use Duolingo as usual, but you will now see them in your dashboard. Only the teacher has access to the teacher dashboard. Students never need to visit schools.duolingo.com. Please refer to our help page for more info, and take a look at our Educator's Guide which has step-by-step instructions. I hope this helps clear things up!

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