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  5. "Sut oedd y tywydd dydd Iau?"

"Sut oedd y tywydd dydd Iau?"

Translation:How was the weather Thursday?

February 5, 2016



Is 'Sut roedd y tywydd?' also okay? I am fairly sure that is how we were taught it in school.


'Sut roedd' is correct, but 'sut oedd' is pretty common in the wild. It should also be 'ddydd Iau' in this context, but dydd Iau for 'on Thursday' is similarly common..

So - Sut roedd y tywydd ddydd Iau? is the correct version which should perhaps be the one given in the lessons, but the other combinations might be accepted depending on the aims of the course authors. I expect that it has been reported a few times!


If "tywydd" is the noun after "y", why does "dydd" undergo a soft mutation?


Because it's used as an adverbial, "on Thursday".


In English English we would say "on Thursday" :-)


Not everybody would. The course is made by English speakers.


I think a lot of English speakers would use this syntax.

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