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  5. "December and November."

"December and November."

Translation:Mis Rhagfyr a mis Tachwedd.

February 5, 2016



Can Somebody Explain What Exactly The 'Rh' Sound Is? I've Heard It Pronounced Like 'Hr', But The Voice Here Appears To Pronounce It As 'Cr' Or 'Tr', And I Think I Read Somewhere That It Was Pronounced Like A Regular English 'R'.


See the pronunciation videos that we recommend in the course notes and discussions. Look on the web for 'Youtube Welshplus pronunciation basics'.

Wikipedia will have an example of the 'voiceless alveolar trill'.


It says 'almost correct', and corrected my 'tachwedd' for 'thachwedd'- is this a mutation or something else?


I assume you entered "Rhagfyr a tachwedd". if so this is indeed a mutation as after "a" (and) "T" (to "Th"), "C"(to "Ch") and "P"(to "Ph"). So "Rhagfyr a Thachwedd "(so "Tachwedd"->"Thachwedd", "Ci a chath"(Cath->Chath" and "Beiro a Phensal" (Pensal->Phensal)

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