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"Nage, dim ar Dewi Lingo mae'r bai, ond arnat ti!"

Translation:No it is not Dewi Lingo's fault, but yours!

February 6, 2016



Nage is a new way to say no? What does that answer? We have:
oes gen ti ... nac oes
wyt ti'n ... nac ydw
wnes ti ... naddo


A list like this would be most useful.


'Nage' is used when there is no verb at the start of the sentence.


Is "No dewi lingo isn't to blame you are" correct here? It wasn't accepted but seems to fit the meaning and is better English


Yes, I'd like to know about that too. In the notes, to be to blame and for something to be one's fault seem to be interchangeable.


I third that. blame is the natural sounding word to use in English but it needs a different construction form what they provide. I said *No, it is not Dewi lingo who is to blame but you. It is natural in English to make the things that are being contrasted the subject of the verb if you can.


Can bai also be used in a possessive way as in English?

Something like Naci, dim bai Dewi Lingo ydy hi ond dy fai di! ?

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Strictly speaking 'bai' is only used with the preposition 'ar'

ie the blame is on you/someone/Sioned.

But in spoken Welsh, especially in North Wales, your suggested pattern does exist


"No, it's not Dewi Lingo to blame but you" was not accepted yet in other exercises the at fault and to blame constructions are both right. Please could this apparent inconsistency be corrected?


If you want additonal answers to be accepted, please use the 'My answer should be accepted' report button. It helps if the answer is properly puncutated and capitalised - if it is a valid answer it can then be added to the list by the course contributors with a single click.


No one has ever said that last bit before. Useful to know.


Diolch - I do (and did in this case) use the report button - I post for clarification as sometimes there's a subtlety I've missed. Hopefully grammer and punctuation were correct!

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