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Listening exercises not audible

Happily using the course until today. Plurals level 3 - absolutely no audio so cannot do any of the listening exercises at all. Come to a grinding halt. Have tried starting the whole thing again, refreshing etc

December 23, 2013



I had the same problem! Has been happening every now and then in the past few days. Hopefully they fix this problem.


Have you tried quitting your browser and starting it again?


I've had the same issue with my Spanish course. It happens randomly - without warning, I can no longer hear the recorded voice. This means I have to skip the audio questions, which means my hearts all wither and die. Exiting out of Duolingo and returning seems to correct it, but it's a temporary fix.


Exactly! I put up a discussion on this but no one responded. This is very frustrating if you can't complete the lesson.


The problem has disappeared here now, but I am sure it will come back as no one at Duolingo seems to be able to say the problem is rectified. Telling us to quit the browser and start again is not really good enough.


again the same problem, both in spanish and in german lessons


It happens for me on German, Esperanto, and Spanish. I can't complete lessons becuase there is no sounbd, forcing me to skip the qeustion. Please fix!


listening is better thatn reading. As for me, I ususally find listening source on Audible.com and downloaded and converted audio files to MP3 with the help of AudFree Audible Converter from https://www.audfree.com. And then transfer them to my MP3 player so that I can practice when I have time. It's so convenient for me.


I think you should try the Audible Audiobook, it will has sound and enable to you acquire knowledge. Besides, you can convert Audible AAX to MP3 by using the Audible Audiobook Converter.


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