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  5. "Gaeth Siân ei thalu."

"Gaeth Siân ei thalu."

Translation:Siân was paid.

February 6, 2016



Which forms get which mutations? This is an aspirate mutation? I'm not sure if ei here is masculine or feminine. Fy seems to get a nasal mutation. I think this is what i've figured out:
fy = nasal
dy = soft
ei .. o (m) = soft
ei .. hi (f) = aspirate
ein = none
eich = none
eu = none

Summarizing EllisVaughan, using cath as an example we get:
fy nghath
dy gath
ei gath (o)
ei chath (hi)
ein cath
eich cath
eu cath


One of my students came up with a mnemonic verse a few years, which I use yn y dosbarth, and might be useful. It's not very elegant, but it does the job:

  • All my stuff is nasal
  • Yours and his are soft
  • Hers has hasperations
  • And all the rest change not

The hasperations has an hecstra haitsh to remind us of the rule about ei hysgol hi and gaeth y siop ei hagor, and the all the rest change not is to remind us there's no mutations with any of the plural forms. (Yes, there's an hecstra haitsh with ein hysgol ni and eu hysgol nhw, but that's one rule too many to fit into a simple mnemonic. ;-)

[deactivated user]

    I love this. Thanks for passing it on.


    Fy= nasal so fy nghath, Dy=soft so dy gath, Ei(M)=soft so ei gath o ( iv'e put the "o" in to emphasis the difference between masc and fem "ei" but this doesn't have to be done when actually using ei since the gender of the person is almost always obvious from context and if mutated correctly that can tell you the persons gender), Ei(F)=aspirate so ei chath hi, Ein= no mutation so ein cath, eich= no mutation so eich cath, eu= no mutation so eu cath.


    Thanks, this helps a lot. Things are finally starting to come together a little. So only the singular forms mutate? Does eich also not mutate when referring to a single person? I've updated my first post with your examples :)


    Yep eich never mutates even when referring to the singular.


    Not sure if you're aware of this but if you add two spaces to the end of a line, that will prevent the next line from being joined to it.

    Alternatively, for lists like that, you could start each line with a hyphen and a space, to make it a bulleted list.


    Thanks I kept using enter but it never leaves the line and it's so annoying when trying to show things in an orderly manner. I'll try and fix it now.


    I would go with the gender of the name.

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