"I am enjoying the skirts."

Translation:J'aime les jupes.

January 16, 2013

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Can "J'aime les jupes." really be translated to "I am enjoying the skirts."? Wouldn't "Je jouis les jupes" or something else be more relevant?


You are right, this is not crystal clear here. Personally, I would have translated "j'aime les jupes" by "I like/love skirts".

By the way, verb "jouir" is constructed with preposition "de" : "je jouis des (=de-les) jupes". But sincerely, nobody would say that for skirts. "je jouis du paysage / d'une excellente santé / d'un gros patrimoine" would better make sense.


this sounds kinky...


Yes, manyworlds, in common English "the Skirts" are women. I love Duo for the many giggles they give me. How can they be so knowledgeable and naive at the same time?


I thought "Les jupes me plaisent" sounded les odd...but it wouldn't accept it.


Strange that "J"aime bien les jupes" was marked as error, since in my opinion 'enjoy' conveys a stronger feeling than 'like'


You added bien. No word represented bien in the phrase


you have to accept that the French have only one word to mean like or love. therefore, the French tend to add adverbs to be ore precise in the expression of their sentiments:

  • I like apples = J'aime les pommes or j'aime bien les pommes

  • I love apples = j'aime énormément les pommes or j'adore les pommes


Is there no separate word for 'enjoy'. To 'like' (aime) something is to 'enjoy' it. I mean, obviously, one enjoys what one likes...but, still, seems like there should be a separate verb 'to enjoy'.


I think the closer equivalent would be "apprécier" in this case.

Inn other context, like "we enjoyed our trip", you would alternatively use "nous avons bien profité de notre voyage" or "notre voyage nous a bien plu" (verb plaire), or "nous nous sommes bien amusés (enjoy/have fun) pendant notre voyage".


I think the translation to english of "J'aime les jupes" would be "I like skirts" My answer to "I am enjoying the skirts" was "Les jupes me fait plaisir" Dodgy AI?


"les jupes me FONT plaisir". Not sure it would be used or in which context.

you can say "j'aime porter des jupes" if it is what you feel and do.


I had to cheat for this one and google translate suggested " J'apprécie les jupes" which Duolingo agreed was correct.


Je me fais plaisir a les jupes was not accepted. Why? You can say je me fais plaisir a la plage, which mean I am enjoying the beach.


"je me fais plaisir à la plage" is not a strict translation of "I am enjoying the beach" (j'aime bien la plage or je profite de la plage avec plaisir or j'ai plaisir à être à la plage...)

"je me fais plaisir à la plage" means that I enjoy doing something and it just happens to be on the beach, something like "I enjoy (doing) it on the beach".


I do not think that J'aime really translates as "I am enjoying". Certainly not when it comes to skirts.


Why is "les jupes me plaisent" right and "les jupes plaisent moi" wrong in this case? Please explain.


Thank you very much


can i say je profite les jupes


"profiter" is constructed with preposition "de".

"je profite des jupes" can be acceptable with a suitable context.

Closer to the meaning intended by Duo, you could say "les jupes me plaisent"


merci, it is so hard memorizing verbs and prepositions


You can say it but if you do you are saying something like I am taking the skirts. Profite means gaining, benefiting from or availing yourself of the skirts. That is a different thing than liking or enjoying skirts.


Wow, as many times I've redone lessons coming across this sentence was a first. I'm glad though because it really gives a fuller understanding of the verb "aime"


"Je suis en train de profiter des jupes." Weird, but It isn't wrong, is it?


Yes, it is wrong because it has a side meaning that is rather weird when it comes to skirts.

profiter de quelque chose / quelqu'un = take advantage of sthg/s.o.


khm... khm, if you know what i mean


why is it 'les' jupes and not "des?" I have made this mistake in the opposite direction (saying 'les' when the answer is 'des') and now I am really confused.


Not sure which question you had but the one at the top of this page says to translate the skirts. In the case of the skirts, it is translated by les jupes.

If your example was to translate from the French, it also happens that French appreciation verbs like aimer cannot take du/de la/des.


What about s' amuser? Or would se divertir be more appropriate?


Not in this case. Skirts are not toys or games, so fun, entertainment or amusement are not really appropriate.


why j'aime is true but j'adore is wrong?

  • I love skirts (or any other inanimate thing) = j'adore les jupes
  • I like / I enjoy skirts (ditto) = j'aime les jupes

  • I love my son, my wife (humans) = j'aime mon fils, ma femme

  • I like my colleagues = j'aime bien mes collègues (friendship)
  • I like him/her very much = je l'aime beaucoup (friendship)
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