"He is a boy."

Translation:On jest chłopcem.

February 6, 2016



When is chlopiec used vs chlopcem?

February 28, 2016


What is the difference between "On jest chłopcem" and "On jest chłopakiem"?

November 17, 2018


Why is chłopca not an acceptable answer?

February 6, 2016


cases. chłopca is genitive=accusative, chłopcem is instrumental.

We use instrumental case of noun after "jest"., when meaning "is someone/something"

The sentence you ask about : On jest chłopca is correct Polish sentence meaning He(It) is the boy's. It belongs to the boy.- genitive among other things is used to indicate posestion

February 6, 2016


Ive been learning yhat boy means "chlopiec" so when i type it, it days its wrong so i would like to know why they make us learn a certain word and then go back and trick us with a word we havent learned before.

February 25, 2019


No one tricks you, you didn't take grammar into the account. It's like saying that you learned the word "she" and suddenly in another sentence it's "her" although the word refers to the same person.

Please read part 1 here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28029344

February 25, 2019


Isn't jestem meant to be 'is a", an jest 'is'?

December 5, 2016


a/the don't exist in Polish, so they're irrelevant.

"jestem" means "I am" and "jest" means "he/she/it is". Because of that, the pronouns are generally redundant, as the form of the verb already makes it clear what person is that.

December 5, 2016


Jestem is "i am"

December 13, 2018


"On to chłopiec." Why isn't it correct?

May 9, 2017


You shouldn't use the "X to Y" construction if X is a personal pronoun. It just seems too clumsy.

Check here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16373167 - Part 2.

May 10, 2017


I wrote only 'jest chłopcem' and it said I was correct.

June 12, 2018


Yes. On Duolingo, almost all sentences starting with He/She/They use the pronoun explicitly, but in fact that's not that common. We are looking at standalone sentences without any context here, but in real life you do have context.

If you say "This is Adam. He is a boy.", it's enough to say "To jest Adam. Jest chłopcem." because you just stated the subject a moment earlier. In fact it's not very natural to use these pronoun subjects if it's already clear who the subject is.

June 13, 2018


When do I use "chłopak" and "chłopcem"

June 23, 2018


Firstly, "chłopak" turns into "chłopakiem", and "chłopiec" turns into "chłopcem". The first options are Nominative, the second ones are Instrumental.

Nominative is mostly used for the subject of the sentence. Instrumental is used in sentences like here: "He is Y" (where Y is a noun phrase).

More info here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16373167

June 25, 2018
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