"Dw i eisiau mynd adre."

Translation:I want to go home.

February 6, 2016

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Is the pronunciation for "adre" right? (With accent on the first syllable and short "e".)

I would have expected "adré".


Yes that is the correct pronunciation but in the north you will often hear "adra" or somtimes written and spoken you will the the traditional "Adref" so same pronunciations just with a "v" sound at the end.


I wonder if adre is a cognate with "address".


No. adre comes from tua thref ('towards home'), which is a form sometimes still heard in south-east Wales as 'sha thre'.


I've heard moin for want why is eisiau being used?


I've heard moin for want why is eisiau being used?

They're synonyms.

Just like English has different dialects that use different words (e.g. "flashlight" in the US for "torch" in the UK), so does Welsh.

So you will hear both dw i'n moyn (or variations thereon such as wi'n moyn) more in the south, while dw i eisiau may be heard more widely (in the north, often in the form dw i isio, which is sometimes seen in writing like that as well).

They're both good Welsh. Use whichever one you like but be prepared to encounter the other one.

(Note the difference in grammar, though: dw i'n moyn versus dw i eisiau without yn.)


I spelt it wrong :) that's why it wasn't saying it was right, it does when you spell it right! LOL Diolch

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