"Cyn cael y plant."

Translation:Before having the children.

February 6, 2016

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'Plant' in Welsh is 'barn' in Scandinavian languages! Both are false friends for English!


But not for Scottish people who know "bairn" for "child" :)


The Scots have Scottish Gaelic and Scots. Scottish Gaelic is a Celtic language, more closely related to Irish and Manx than it is to Welsh; and Scots is very closely related to Old English.


Didn't know that! Hope Duolingo will have Scottish then... :)


Is this in the sense of "giving birth"?


It could be, but a man can also say, "Before having the children," and giving birth there would be rather odd. You'd use it in sentences like, "Before having the children we could afford to go abroad on holiday for two weeks every year."


The answer "Before getting the children" is refused. Is this really wrong?


This is confusing because of the various ways in which English uses the word "have", it's a difficult word to translate. "Cael" is the verb "to get" but means "have" in this sense. "Before getting the children" in English implies either one has to go get them or that one has been given them, both are wrong in this instance.


Yes, it's not right at all. if you meant "Before fetching the children" that would be an entirely different word in Welsh.

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