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  5. "Ydw, dw i wedi mynd."

"Ydw, dw i wedi mynd."

Translation:Yes, I have gone.

February 6, 2016



As I have already discovered, "wedi" implies the verb has been completed, so in this case would "mynd" mean just 'to go' ?


mynd is the verbal noun for the verb meaning "to go", yes -- you can often compare it to the English gerund, which would be "going" in this case.

  • Dw i'n mynd = I am going
  • Dw i wedi mynd = literally, something like "I am (dw i) after (wedi) going (mynd)" - means "I have gone".
  • Dw i eisiau mynd = literally, something like "I want (a) going" - means "I want to go"


... i thought "dw i wedi bleno" means 'i am tired'. Does it actually mean something like 'i am in bed (because i am tired)'?

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