"You must move now!"

Translation:Mae rhaid i ti symud nawr!

February 6, 2016

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As an open translate I wrote "mae rhaid i chi symudwch nawr!" Why is it wrong? (I could not know if it was ti or chi wanted)


It's the 'symudwch' which should just be 'symud'. '(Mae) rhaid i + person' is followed by the verb noun not the imperative.


Why does 'Mae rhaid i chi symudwch nawr' appear in the translation if it isn't correct?


Thete is no valid translation of this sentence that includes symudwch - it would not make sense. The rhaid i pattern is followed by a verb-noun (symud), not a verb.

The pop-up hints may include symudwch for 'move*, but Duo's hints are not context sensitive.

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