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Tips/Notes PDF for Norwegian Tree

Hi everybody!

I put together this PDF so I could review everything as I needed. It's a file of all the tips/notes from each section in the Norwegian Tree. Everything is typed, so you can hit Command/Ctrl+F to search the document and you should be able to click on anything in the ToC and have it take you to the right page (it doesn't do this on the google drive website unfortunately).

I know they'll be releasing Tree 2.0 sometime soon, but I figured it might help a few people until then.

Edit: Google Drive File Revised I've proofread through it a few times, but if I missed anything, let me know and I upload a revised copy :)

February 6, 2016



Revised copy with some errors corrected has been uploaded and the link has been updated in the original post! If anyone sees any other mistakes, let me know and I will revise.


I nominate this to be a sticky. :P Or at least be mentioned in one of the existing stickies.


This is wonderful! Keep in mind there are a few errors/typos here and there in the PDF grammar tables, such as the plural of "lærer" being "lærere" and not "lærerer."


Dang, thought I had caught my typos! I'll go through everything again and reupload it :)


No worries! I really like your typography choices!


Thank you! As a graphics nerd, I really appreciate that haha


Do you know if the notes changed substantially since this was compiled?


I would also like to know about an update. I don't think so but after a quick view, one or two current courses are not in it, maybe in an other form :)


Dette er veldig hjelpsom, takk for for din innsats.


In the mobile app you can't see the notes so will definitely keep a copy on my phone too. This is very useful, thanks for making and sharing it with us. :)


No problem! Happy to see others getting some use out of it :)


Thanks a lot! This is very useful indeed. And graphically attractive as well!


You're very welcome, and thanks :)


Saved onto my phone. Grateful thanks- I didn't even realise there WERE tips and notes until I happened to look at the desktop version!


Tusen takk !!! ♥


These pdf is quite old, do you have an updated one?


I found this in other topic https://duome.eu/tips/en/nb It's updated in 11.2019


Dette er så hjelpsom! Takk så mye.


Ingen årsak! Det var mange ting jeg hadde glemt, så det var en god gjennomgang for meg :)


What program do you use to create PDFs like this? I'd find a tool like this very useful, but I've never tried creating a PDF before, but the result feels much more pleasant than a simple text file, so any recommendation would be appreciated.

As for the PDF, it looks excellent! I'll definitely be keeping that aside for when I get around to focusing on Norwegian. Thanks! :)


You're quite welcome! I'm glad it'll be helpful :)

I used Adobe InDesign, which is part of Adobe CC. I'm sure if there are free programs out there that can do PDFs too, but I have the Adobe Suite on my laptop for work so I figured I should get some extra use out of it :)


Oh excellent, I use a bunch of Adobe programs anyway, just never looked into some of them. Might as well give it a go then and make the most of my subscription :P Thanks again!


That's perfect then! InDesign is a great design/layout program for print media, books and PDF docs. It's fairly easy to learn, too :)


If you have a CC subscription anyway then I would also say go for Indesign, won't find anything better.

Maybe some lost Quark user will now try to tell you something else. xD


Most word processors - including Microsoft Word and (the free) Open Office - allow you to save as a PDF.


takk skal du ha, du er så snill.


I could not have looked for anything better. THANK you.


Hi Random309, thank you very much for the PDF. I mostly use the iPad app that has no tips in it, so this is really helpful.

However, I stumbled upon a few typos in the Adjectives section. The "combining possessive pronouns with adjectives" table says "de store boka mi" instead of "den store boka mi" for the female sentence, and has an incorrect translation for the neuter sentence ("a" instead of "my", also in the second table).

And in the last table (translations for "little") shouldn't it be "den lille stolen" instead of "de lille stolen"?

But maybe it's just my lousy understanding of the beautiful Norwegian language...


I came here cause my tree seems to completely be missing any kind of tips or notes. Is anyone else having this problem?

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