"Ona nie lubi siedzenia w domu."

Translation:She does not like sitting at home.

February 6, 2016

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No. Correct in english is... She does not like sitting AT home.. meaning she prefers to be active.


She does not like sitting at home. a very late reply to Trofaste. I think Mrs.Mop's response was meaning that va-dim's answer of 'sitting home' should not have been accepted. The correct English is 'sitting AT home.


Is there any difference between this and lubi siedzieć?


well, that depends on context. while she does not like to sit at home= "ona nie lubi siedzieć w domu" is 100% about her, and her not liking to sit at home.

She does not like sitting at home= "ona nie lubi siedzenia w domu" may also be about her not liking somebody else's sitting at home.


good reasoning, thanks!


Not much, simply "siedzenie" is a noun so corresponds to "sitting" (which names activity). "Siedzieć" is an infinitive so corresponds to "to sit".


She doesnt like sitting around the house. Why not?


If someone said Ona nie lubi siedzieć w domu, would it mean the same thing?


Yes, the same, and it seems more likely to me.

But let's not make it into 'a rule' that infinitive is always better ;)

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