"Jakie jest zadanie tamtej organizacji?"

Translation:What is the task of that organization?

February 6, 2016

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'Task' does not collocate with organisation - purpose or business would be better.


Agreed. The answer doesn't make sense. I can't think of any situation where "the task of..." would make sense in English.

I'm assuming this is mean to mean "what does this organisation do?" The grammar is different but the direct translation doesn't work.


Function instead of task sounds more natural to me.


I don't think "task" looks too bad, but "What is the remit of that organisation?" would look better.

"Task" just fits better with an individual, or a specific team rather than a whole organisation.


I pity the poor professional translator who has to interpret an international treaty or a great work of literature when we are having so much difficulty trying to understand what a simple sentence on due means


Yes, being a professional translator sounds like a very difficult/painstaking job. They must have to follow all sorts of protocols, at the same time as dealing with masses of potentially-subjective material.

It sounds akin to juggling frogs, then getting the frogs to line up in an orderly fashion and sign paperwork in triplicate.


Part of the problem is that translating on Duolingo is an artificial task - individual sentences without context, and because of the pedagogical aim the moderators often insist on very literal translations. When I translate professionally, I think more about what an English speaker would say in a particular situation than finding an exact match to individual words or grammatical structures.


Added 'remit'.

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Could the word: " work" be used as well?


Where, for "task"? I don't think so...

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