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"Why did they increase the price?"

Translation:Dlaczego zwiększyli cenę?

February 6, 2016



Why can't I use "oni" in this sentence? (Dlaczego oni zwiększyli cenę?)


It is unnecessary to use "oni". Either duolingo wants to teach you to skip pronouns or nobody reported before you.


i have the same question


Probably it's some kind of an impersonal 'they' ("they" = "the shop", most likely), so "oni" in such a case would sound pretty strange.

But still, it's technically correct. Added now.


"Dlaczego powiększyli cenę?" was not accepted. Why not? Thanks.


I think that's just not a standard collocation. In theory it seems okay, but to me it sounds as if they increased the size of the font used to write the price.

"zwiększyć" also isn't that great, but surely better. I checked the corpus (300M segments), I found 30 results for "zwiększyć cenę" (includes all correct forms) and 0 for "powiększyć cenę". But there are also 97 results for "podwyższyć cenę" and the winner is definitely "podnieść cenę" with 526 results. Those two are accepted, of course, but they are not taught in the course.


Powiększyć seems somewhat similar to 'enlarge'.

Powiększona tarczyca - Enlarged thyroid gland.

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