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  5. "Мій брат мало читає."

"Мій брат мало читає."

Translation:My brother reads little.

February 7, 2016



What do you think about: "My brother reads a bit"?


That would be "Мій брат читає трохи"

Little ≠ a little


Thanks for your many explanations to learners. Often it's difficult to believe that you are not a native speaker of English, since you understand many subtleties of English (even some which escape native speakers).

Perhaps a helpful analogy in this case is that "little" ( = very little) is not the same as "a little" in the same way that "few" (= very few) is not the same as "a few".


It would be normal to say in English: "My brother reads a little." Could this answer also be accepted unless there is a definite difference in translation? I tried to answer it this way and it was incorrect. Thanks! :)


That would be "Мій брат трохи читає". Little - мало, a little - трохи.


As a lifetime American English speaker, I'm not actually sure what "my brother reads little " even means. I can kind of guess, but I'm really not sure.


I think "My brother reads very little" sounds better. Meaning, he doesn't read a lot.


Or "My brother doesn't read much", "not much" being, as I see it, the meaning of the adverb "little" in this context.


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"My brother reads little". Grammarly indicates that this sentence is wrong. Is this sentence complete?


Probably you (and Grammarly) are reading "little" as an adjective. Here, it is an adverb (cf. мало in the sense of замало).

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