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  5. "What do you want to cook?"

"What do you want to cook?"

Translation:Co chcecie ugotować?

February 7, 2016



Moja odpowiedz powinna byc zaakceptowana


A jaka to była odpowiedź?


Still pretty confused on the whole perfective-imperfective thing. I've seen some sources say it's about whether an action's completed or not, others say it's about whether an action is specific or not. ._.

Does 'co chcecie ugotować?' refer to one act of cooking (that will be done to completion)?

If I said 'co lubisz gotować?', could that refer to cooking in general? (I changed the verb for this one because I think it fits better.) And if I said 'co chcesz ugotować na śniadanie?', would that refer to a specific act of cooking that will be completed, while 'co chcesz gotować na śniadanie?' would refer to an act that will not be finished?


It seems like it's a little bit of both. Use perfective if the action is specific and was or is meant to be finished. If it's habitual or not finished, then go with imperfective. If you can't predict if it will be finished, use imperfective.

If the action was finished, but you consider the act itself more important than the end result, use imperfective.

You generally understand this well based on the examples given, but the last one I would normally interpret as wanting to cook for breakfasts in general. But in some situations I could imagine it being used to a specific situation. Like in situations where one receives help and is then asking, what the helper would prefer to do. Maybe the person A was making a big breakfast and the person B came to help them with eggs; but if B has to go before it's all finished then it's all right, because the person A can take over again. Or maybe the person B is learning to cook and it's fine if they don't get to the end on the first try, because they will still learn something along the way.


Why is "przygotować" wrong?


Seems pretty vague for "cook" in such a sentence, after all, it means "prepare".


Co chce pani ugotować? ... Why not?


Just the usual 'the course creators didn't pay much attention to formal you forms' reason. Added here.

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