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"I've gone to the park yesterday."

Translation:Dw i wedi mynd i'r parc ddoe.

February 7, 2016



We are aware of this unit and it shall be sorted (hopefully) asap :)


What will be sorted?


That many sentences in this Unit do not make sense in either Welsh or English.


I understand why this is here, but to me this seems completely ungrammatical in English? Please someone correct me if I'm wrong, it's bugging me.


It's a very awkward way of saying something in English too. I would never, nor do I know anybody who would say 'I've gone to the park yesterday'. I agree, it seems ungrammatical. As a Welsh speaker, I can tell you that nobody would ever say 'dw i wedi mynd i'r parc ddoe'. It sounds ridiculous. One would say 'es i i'r parc ddoe' (I went to the park yesterday).


It's a bit unfortunate that, presumably in an attempt to provide more variety in practice sentences with the present perfect, they added time components such as "ddoe" or "ddydd Llun" if the result is not reasonable in either English or Welsh.


Thanks folks! I find it quite weird - but then I've seen in other threads that many people find Duolingo's "weird" constructions to be a great way to drill the meaning home. I can definitely see that aspect - I'm very aware that the "wedi" constructions mean "have done"!

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