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"a bike, an apple and an orange, or a lemon?"

Translation:Beic, afal ac oraens, neu lemon?

February 7, 2016



Is "oraens" used in a certain dialect? - and which one?


oraens is traditionally the fruit and not the colour, but many people use oren/orennau to refer to both the fruit and colour :) All version are accepted :)


It's a typo; if it come up again, report it. By the way, a much better word for 'beic' (a horrible anglicisation) is 'deurod': literally 'two-wheels'.


Actually oraens is an alterntative spelling according to the Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru. Also there is nothing better or worse about a word simply becuase it is borrowed from english.


Nid teipo mohono; gweler fy sylwad isod. Dwi erioed wedi clywed pobl yn dweud deurod ond plis awgryma fe :)

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