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  5. "She prefers coffee to tea."

"She prefers coffee to tea."

Translation:Mae'n well gyda hi goffi na the.

February 7, 2016



Mae'n well gen i goffi na te
Mae'n well ganddi hi goffi na the

Why is one te and the other the?


Both should say "the" in the context. Please report "Mae'n well gen i goffi na te" is you see it again :)


I believe the is incorrect. Te is the correct Welsh word for tea.


But does the na cause aspirate mutation?


Yes, you're right - my mistake, sorry.


Perhaps the problem is that traditional Welsh grammar requires aspirate mutation after "na" (= than), but many Welsh-speakers do not actually apply this mutation when a t or a p follow.


Oh, of course. Sorry, I forgot that, silly me ;-) Thanks for the reminder. I must say I have been a bit puzzled sometimes when there hasn't been an aspirate mutation, but I guess this course is trying to keep things simple.

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