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Why you should learn Esperanto

Esperanto--the most popular constructed language, created by a Polish dude (Zamenhof) a couple of centuries ago. Heard of it? I hadn't, before I started the Duolingo course. But this language has changed my life a bit, so I wanted to share it with some of you who haven't tried it yet. Here are a few reasons why you should learn it ;)

1 It helps with other languages

A big reason why I love Esperanto is because it's a sort of bridge language: learning Esperanto will make other languages easier for you to learn. A study found that people who learned Esperanto for half a year and then French for a year and a half, were able to speak French better than people who learned French for two years straight! Also, I've noticed a significant boost in my listening ability for foreign languages, which I can trace back to when I started learning Esperanto.

In fact, I can understand spoken Esperanto now after a few weeks of learning, whereas I still have a hard time understanding Spanish after studying it for five times as long.

Read more here: http://www.fluentin3months.com/2-weeks-of-esperanto/

2 It's easy

Another study found that "2000 hours studying German = 1500 hours studying English = 1000 hours studying Italian (or any other Romance language) =150 hours studying Esperanto."

More here: https://www.quora.com/Is-it-worth-it-to-learn-Esperanto-or-is-it-better-to-go-for-other-language-like-German-Russian-etc

I can vouch for Esperanto's easiness. No masculine/feminine nouns, no verb conjugations/irregular verbs, no irregular past or future tense... Basically all of the difficult parts of languages have been removed.

Other reasons why it's easy: each adjective you learn actually gives you two! Granda = big, malgranda = small, bela = beautiful, malbela = ugly. Also, a lot of words are made up of smaller word parts, so a lot of unknown words, you will be able to figure out. Ex: hospital = malsanulejo (malsan = unhealthy, ul = person, ejo = place --> place for unhealthy people!).

There are also a ton of resources online, extremely easy to find. I am terrible at finding language resources, but I have enough Esperanto stories texts and resources to last a lifetime! There's also a guy called Evildea who makes Youtube videos in Esperanto. At first he will kind of freak you out, but you will soon realize he is very entertaining :) .

3 It does have speakers

There are Esperanto clubs ALL OVER the world. It is highly likely there is one in your area.

The stats: ~2,000 native speakers, ~2,000,000 speakers (more than some natural languages!)

4 It's fun

Here is the main reason for me. I just love learning and using the language in my life. It's unique for a few reasons: 1) You can order the words pretty much however you want (I have a dog: "mi havas hundon", "hundon havas mi", "mi hundon havas", etc). You can use the order of your native language, for example, and this also allows for very expressive poetry. This freedom is possible because of the grammar, which you will learn very quickly, soon after starting the course. Make it through the first few skills, and you're pretty much set, no more challenges!

2) You can change a word's part of speech easily, for example taking adjective granda (big) and turning into a verb: grandas (is big). Ex: the dog is big = "La hundo estas granda" or "La hundo grandas" This makes it possible to translate songs into Esperanto and have the lyrics be the same number of syllables ;)

3) You can create words to express exactly what you're thinking.

Overall, I just think it's a great language. Even if you don't intend to become fluent in it, it is still a great experience and it will help you with other aspects of life. So...

Looking for a great language? Or maybe just want to take a break from the difficulties and exceptions of natural languages? Want to keep your brain in tip-top shape?

Start today! https://www.duolingo.com/course/eo/en/Learn-Esperanto-Online

February 7, 2016

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I want to start the Esperanto tree once I've finished with the trees I'm already studying. It looks like a beautiful language and something fun to know


Why did it not catch those 100 years ago, and now we are all forced to learn English, which is much less easy. :(


I say it did catch on 125 years ago. How many other constructed languages outlived their authors? What is the first name people think of when they think of a constructed language? It's pretty amazing.


Love your reasons.

The first reminds me of Tim Morley's excellent Tedx Talk: "Learn Esperanto first" https://youtu.be/8gSAkUOElsg


I watched that. That's where I stole my "esperanto adjectives are a two-for-one deal" idea from :)


Another reason for learning Esperanto is you can watch the William Shatner flick "Incubus" without subtitles.


They mispronounce many words in Esperanto from what I've heard because only Shatner actually spoke it =(


Have you seen that? I heard it wasn't a very good movie lol


I have that movie. It's okay, the plot is a little weird. They didn't have the BEST pronunciation, but the whole thing was in Esperanto, so that was cool.


This if really off-topic but ... are you tamazight? ;-)


This is pretty persuasive. I was kind of one of those snobby people that was like, "ew its not a 'real' language." (non natural) So I'd never considered it, at all. however something I really like about it after reading is the seeming exclusivity of it. Perhaps I'm wrong thinking that, but you have convinced me to do some research on it and potentially try it out to see if like it. Well written!


Welcome, that's great! You're right, you're in an exclusive club now ;) make sure to let me know if you decide to keep at it!

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