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  5. "I like Shrewsbury"

"I like Shrewsbury"

Translation:Dw i'n hoffi Amwythig

February 7, 2016

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If you use the form Yr Amwythig, is it "Dw i'n hoffi Yr Amwythig" or "Dw i'n hoffi'r Amwythig"? Or are either used?

Or in other words, if a placename or other proper noun includes the definite article, does it still turn into 'r after a vowel?

What about places such as "Dw i'n hoffi'r Falli" / "Dach chi'n hoffi'r Fenni?" for "Y Falli" (Valley) and "Y Fenni" (Abergavenny)? Are those "...hoffi y Falli / hoffi y Fenni" instead? Or either?

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