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Anyone know how to make contact with the technician for this site

For several weeks I cannot get the Daily Practice to work. It consistently hangs up and freezes when I get to a certain exercise, and this exercise is always the first or second in the lesson. Thus for several weeks I have been unable to access the daily practice. I can still do the 'category' exercises, but not the practice. The feedback button also does not work. Also the button with my user name yields no menu nor the one labeled German. I am working fairly hard here on my German, but this is very frustrating. If someone is able to get feedback through to an administrator, I would appreciate them sending my message or alerting them. I have tried removing adblock, different browsers, lowering my fire wall, etc. Nothing has worked. Several people here have graciously tried to assist me, but nothing has worked. If someone could give me an email address so that I could contact them that would help. I am 70 years old and haven't the energy or patience to both learn German and somehow thread my way through the bugs of this program without assistance. Thanks.

June 4, 2012



i'm working for duolingo, can you send a screenshot of what happens when you do Daily Practice to feedback@duolingo.com. Also, please attach a list of all your Chrome browser plug-ins and we'll try to help you out!


Click on the feedback on the left. And write your problem.


Hi, Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, clicking on the feedback button in the left side gets no response. It is a dead button. But thanks for the idea!


Which is your browser? Have you tried on different ones?


I regularly use Chrome. However, I have tried internet Explorer and cannot log in. It says wrong user name. But it is the right user name and gets me into Chrome. I have also tried Firefox, but cannot get in there either. Thanks very much for answering and your idea.


I use Chrome as well and have never had a problem, thank Goodness! LOL! It's kinda weird what is happening to you...



Here is the official duolingo blog. It looks some other people have also try to report bugs. I am not sure whether they received a response.


Thanks to all for their kind responses and support. I shall be following up with the 2 addresses I have received, and feel encouraged and optimistic that this might be resolved. Thanks again :)


I wish to thank everyone who assisted me. I also wish to thank the Duolingo team for all their help. In fact I traced down the main culprit which was a Chrome extension called "Ghostie" which tracked what sites are following the user. I have disabled it and everything is working fine now. Thanks all.

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