"Turn left and then turn right."

Translation:Trowch i'r chwith ac wedyn trowch i'r dde.

February 7, 2016



So "right" is the same word as "south"?

February 7, 2016


Almost but not quite! 'Y dde' - the right. 'Y de' - the south. As nouns 'de' (right) is feminine and 'de' (south) is masculine.

At one time, the word for south was 'deau/deheu' and life was much easier for map readers and direction givers...

February 8, 2016


Thank you!

For what it's worth, Cornish has them the same, but with the longer form - dyghow "right; south". (And the opposite is also identical: kledh "left; north".)

February 9, 2016


Does 'trowch i'r chwith' translate as both 'turn left' and 'turn to the left' ?

August 13, 2019
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