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"I do not know anything about this."

Translation:Nic o tym nie wiem.

February 7, 2016



And what about the order of words? Is "Nic nie wiem o tym." also correct?

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Why is it 'nic' and not 'niczego' ?


It's an oversight, added "niczego".

Generally, although "niczego" is technically the Genitive form, "nic" also works as Genitive. And in some phrases it may sound better (although of course such things are subjective).


Are there any other correct word order combinations? I put, "Nie wiem nic o tym" and it was not accepted.

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Report it in such cases. "Nie wiem nic o tym" is also correct.


"nie wiem nic o tym" was rejected for me, but I was doing time practice so I couldn't report it.


'I do not know anything about this'. Can I have the word order 'O tym niczego nie wiem' or is that nonsense/weird? Dzięki.


Rather weird. It's as if you knew (something) about almost everything and you were surprised that you found something you have no knowledge about.

So, basically like "About this I know nothing".


Dzięki. To jest bardzo ciekawe!


I got it correct, but it says I have a typo... it is when there are bubbles to select the words, so I can't fix the typo. Nie is capitalized and nic is not, so I assumed that Nie is the first word of the sentence.


If this happens again, it would be great to see a screenshot, so we can investigate this.


I took a screenshot. How do I send it to you?


Just upload it on any file hoster and share the link in your comment.

For example here:



Aa... I get it now :)

So, you wrote:

"Nic wiem nie o tym."

But this is actually an incorrect sentence, since nic and nie are swapped. It would have been correct if you had written:

"Nie wiem nic o tym."

Unfortunately, the grading algorithm counted this as two typos (which it shouldn't have), but unfortunately we have no power over how grading works. And it seems that the developers currently aren't doing much about this problem.

Now, why was "Nic" capitalised: The proposed solution had an alternative word order, namely:

"Nic o tym nie wiem."

As you can see, it's important to not split the negation and the verb.


'nic o tym nie znam' -- what is wrong?


I'd usually say that znać always requires a noun or a personal pronoun as a direct object, so if you have a preposition, you need the verb wiedzieć.

However, when looking this up in the corpus, I've come across a few sentences like these:

Ale znamy o nich jedynie przepiękne legendy.
But all we know about them are beautiful legends.

Here it sort of works, because the direct object is 'legendy', while 'o nich' is just an additional piece of information. You could omit 'o nich' and the sentence would still make sense.

Now, you might ask, couldn't we omit 'o tym' here, too? When a direct object of znać is neither a noun, nor a personal pronoun, znać gets a specific meaning: "to be familiar with". Hence, the sentence: "Znam to." will mean: "I'm familiar with this." So, I imagine that "Nie znam nic" would mean "I am not familiar with anything", although I'm not entirely sure, because can't really recall ever hearing it.

All of this does not affect the reflexive verb znać się (to be well versed, to know one's way around) which is usually followed by the preposition na. It also doesn't affect the collocation dać znać (to let someone know) which can be followed by the preposition o.


Thank you very much for the detailed answer. I understood.

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You just don't use the verb "znać" that way. Maybe that would help a bit: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/25535826

znać (meaning "to know") takes the following forms:

  • znać + Accusative = to know something/somebody
  • znać + jako + Accusative = to know something/somebody as something/somebody
  • znać + od + Genitive = to know something/somebody since...
  • znać + z + Genitive = to know something/somebody from (eg. from a book)

But znać does not take the preposition "o".

wiedzieć takes the following:

  • wiedzieć + o + Locative = to know about something/somebody
  • wiedzieć + od + Genitive = to know from somebody (eg. from a friend)
  • wiedzieć + z + Genitive = to know from something (eg. from ones' experience)
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