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"A woman and a man"

Translation:Kobieta i mężczyzna

February 7, 2016



How can i get this letters?


Install a Polish keyboard on your computer or on phone. You can use SwiftKey on your phone, it lets you use up to 5 languages on the same keyboard.


The letters are now at the bottom of the text box to type.


Why not kobietą i mężczyzną?


Kobieta i mężczyzna are in nominative, case that is used to describe a subject of the sentence. It is also a form of noun found in dictionaries.

A woman and a man depending on context could translate to all cases, but without context it is easiest to translate to nominative.


Just felled for this. The sentence is naming the persons. It's not describing what they do or what something is doing to them.


But when i say jestem kobietą that's also nominative. So why is the ą here but not when you say kobieta i mężczyzna? That's both nominative...


No, in "Jestem kobietą", "kobietą" is the Instrumental form.

"kobieta i mężczyzna" are indeed both Nominative, as these are just two nouns without any context, so you treat them like words in a dictionary.


Right, the SUBJECT'S NOUN is JA (I) the object noun is kobietą. That's why it's not kobieta. The thing is in Polish, you mostly skip the Ja.


I put them in wrong order and was wrong :'


When you study further you'll see that Polish is SOMEWHAT order independent, not fully.

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