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  5. "Nein, im Bett."


"Nein, im Bett."

January 16, 2013



Bett does not sound like Bett, sounds more like Baits


Ii really doesn't sound like Bett


I'm a native speaker of German and I can assure you it's fine.


what kind of german is that? The recordings at my deutsch classes pronunce it straightforward


Here another native speaker: it is fine.


sounds like "beits" or even "geits" to me. Safari in OSX, if that matters.


How can you understand it then? I checked my German dictionary and it said the pronounciation is very similar to bed in English.

  • German: bɛt

  • English: bed

The voice really is fine.


Maybe it has something to do with browsers? I am fully aware of what "Bett" is supposed to sound like, but the audio is off for me. It sounds a little like "Bett" but with a superimposed "s" sound over the "tt" part. I've checked with both Chrome and IE but it sounds garbled with both.


I double-checked again. It still sounds fine to me. No idea where this discrepancy comes from.


I chalk issues like this up to flaws in the Matrix. ;)
Matrix issues also cause code to pop up...as seen here: http://i.imgur.com/BS2DQPc.jpg?1


This is what it sounds like in every browser I've tried (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Android). http://www.sendspace.com/file/fzao8z It's supposed to sound like this. Are you guys not getting the same audio?


thanks, christian. I can confirm: this is the exact same audio I get. @Hohenems: your Matrix 'code' looks more like an error message - possibly from Mr. Smith. I've never encountered something like that on duolingo.


@ Christian
The website is blocked by my work.
This is pretty much what I expect to hear:

What I hear with Duo is the "im" and "Bett" seem to be pronounced quickly and as one word (like she was only given 2.5 seconds of tape to record on, and after 2.0 seconds she realized she wasted too much time on "Nein," and then tried to squeeze "im Bett" into the 0.5 seconds she had left). The m and B are mildly overlapping, and a distinct s or z sound over the tt.

I'll give your link a listen after work though and let you know what I hear.

@ wataya So I'm special?! ;-)


Ich bin gespannt. We'll solve this mystery yet! ;)


So...I guess I don't know what "Nein, im Bett" is supposed to sound like because your link sounds exactly like the Duo link, but neither sound as good as the Google translate version. Maybe it's just my anglophone ears.

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