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Comparing4 - enwog and cyfoethog constantly mixed up

All through Comparing4, enwog (famous) is mixed up with cyfoethog (rich). I reported all those examples that I met, but I suspect that there may be more still in there.

Very frustrating to keep getting bumped out of correct answers and being forced into answering incorrectly to get to the end of a practice!


February 7, 2016



Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It'll get picked up by the team :D Hope you're enjoying the course.

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Working on it now. If you find any other critical errors like this in future could you post it directly on my profile. The problem with the course editor is that it doesn't give a true picture of error reports. On the tree it said there were 0 errors in the Comparing4 unit, so normally it wouldn't be looked at in more detail. However when I did open the unit I discovered that there are in fact 56 error reports.


Diolch, rmcode. Rwy'n sicr nad ydy pethau ond yn dalcen galed yn ystod y beta! Diolch i'r tîm am eich holl ymdrech.


Popeth yn iawn nawr! Diolch.

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